Be quiet amongst the flowers

Clematis 'Pagoda'

Shhh... be quiet amongst the flowers, lest you disturb a sleeping garden fairy.

Or frighten a buzzing bee.

Or interrupt a chorus of birds.

Shhh... if you are quiet enough,

You may hear the earthworms digging.

You may hear the butterflies flying.

You will hear the songs of the flowers.


  1. What a beautiful Clematis! I love being outside or even just opening a window and listening to nature. Though sadly, mostly what I hear now is the gnawing of millions of invasive winter moth caterpillars eating my trees...

  2. Like Indie, one of the sounds I heard today was caterpillars eating - specifically redbud leafrollers! At least they don't seem to be as numerous as they've been in recent years. Maybe my infestation is receding.

    After a 2 week trip to Florida, the other sounds that impressed me on my first day back in the garden were the joyous frog choruses, rejoicing in the recent rains, and the buzz of hummingbird wings as a handsome male came in to feed above me, while I sat on the ground weeding.


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