Spots on Flowers

Canna showing garden fairy footprints
If you do an online search for "spots on flowers", the most common results will lead you to sites telling you about all kinds of plant diseases. Your search may even lead you to sites with information about too much sun causing the flower spots.

To the authors of all those sites, I say well, sure, possibly the spots are caused by diseases, but does my spotted flower look diseased?

No, it does not.

It looks like it has been trampled on by a bunch of garden fairies.

Because we all know that  spots like these on the canna  are actually garden fairy and flower sprite foot prints.

And from the looks of things, those fairies and sprites have been stepping all over these blooms. What fun they must be having in the garden these days!

I just wonder how they managed to walk upside down on these lily flowers without falling off?
Lily showing garden fairy and flower sprite footprints
Just another question to ponder while out in the garden...


Garden Fancy said…
What a gorgeous canna! The spots make the flowers so much more interesting. Thanks for the photos -- and the imaginative speculation about the origin of the spots! -Beth
My youngest has been on a Pirate Fairy watching binge and I may just have to show him pictures of your gorgeous cannas so he can see fairy footprints! Wonderful post..