Dr Hortfreud: On Mowing in the Rain

Hello, Carol

Hi, Dr. Hortfreud. It's been awhile, hasn't it?

Yes, Carol, but I sense you need a session with me now.

Oh, yes, I do. Always.

Well, it looks like rain, so why don't we meet in the sun room around the house plants.

Oh no, Dr. Hortfreud, I would like to have a mowing session with you. Besides, if you look to the west, it's sunny out.

But if you look to the east, Carol, it's all cloudy and looks like it might rain.

I want to go for it, Dr. Hortfreud.

If you must, Carol, but we really do need to talk about this mowing obsession you have.

I have a FitBit now and I have to get in steps.

Carol, it's raining now. Surely you can get your steps in some other way.

But now it's not about the steps, I don't want to leave the lawn half cut.

Carol, it's raining.

But there's no thunder, Dr. H.

Carol, it's raining.

So you said, Dr. H, but it is still sunny to the west and look, there's a rainbow to the  east.

Carol, it's raining. What will the neighbors think?

Dr. H. you told me before to be my own gardener. Besides, I'm in the back behind the fence and its raining so the neighbors are probably all inside and don't realize I've become the crazy gardener who mows in the rain.

Well, Carol, it's a good sign you recognize that it is crazy to mow in the rain.

Hey, look, Dr. H. It's stopped raining.

So it has Carol, but you've still become the crazy gardener who mows in the rain. Congratulations.

Thanks, Dr. H. I'll wear my new title proudly.

And with that, Dr. Hortfreud buried her head in her hands and began to wonder what she had gotten herself into taking Carol on as her patient.


I will finish up garden work if it starts to rain. I can always put on a rain jacket. Anyway I know I won't melt so what's to worry about?
Flower Freak said…
Love it! I'm not sure about mowing but what is gardening if not therapy!