Announcing Gardeners In Their Gardens

How many pictures do you have of yourself in your own garden?

None? I thought so!

We gardeners take all kinds of pictures in our gardens these days... flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, butterflies, bees, leaves... if it's in our gardens we've probably taken a picture of it with our smartphone or digital camera.

But we rarely remember to have someone take our pictures in the garden.

And I think that's a shame because where are you happier than in your own garden, with dirt under your fingernails and leaves in your hair, probably holding a bouquet of flowers you grew or a basket full of freshly picked veggies?

Yesterday morning, I decided to do something about this lack of pictures of gardeners in their gardens by starting up a Facebook page called Gardeners In Their Gardens and posting pictures of gardeners in their gardens on it.

I've invited gardeners to send me photos of themselves in their gardens, and I'm looking around the web for good pics of gardeners in their gardens to add as well.

I'd love to have readers of this blog join in, too, if you haven't already.  First, go like the FB page, Gardeners in their Gardens.

Then send a picture of yourself in your garden to Gardenersintheirgardens at yahoo dot com with a couple of sentences telling me something about how you garden, what you like to grow, your happiest moment in your garden... anything along those lines.  

And, if you run across an article on the web with a picture of  gardener in her or his garden, send me a link at the same address.  I'll give you a nice "tip of the trowel" if I post a link to the article on the FB page.

Some of the pictures and stories will also make it to a blog I've set up for Gardeners In Their Gardens.  I'm just getting that launched, so there isn't much there yet, but I'll fill it out in the days ahead.

Now, what are you doing? Go put on your best gardening outfit and get your picture taken in your own garden.


  1. You may like to take a look at a regular series The Guardian has called How does your garden grow - a nice thoughtful reflection on a gardener and their garden from all walks of life

  2. Thanks, VP, I will check that out!

  3. good googgily moogily
    Nobody wants to see me in the garden. I turn into a wild sasquatch: hair adorned with various twigs and like as not a spider ... streaks of clay on my knees ... poison ivy welts ... well you get the picture. But I would of course love to see more civilized peeps with flowers and smiles =D

  4. It's a great idea - but I'd say I'm probably the unprettiest thing in my garden! That said, I will beetle on over to the Facebook page and laugh at everyone else - no, not really. If I'm feeling daring I'll add the one photo of me ever taken.

  5. Every once in awhile my DB takes a picture of me in the garden. I have one of him too. Can I share that on the FB page?

  6. What a sweet idea! I would need to find someone to take a photo of me.... ha! And there's very little out there, these days!!


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