Are you a scattershot gardener or a bullseye gardener?

Do you know the difference between scattershot gardeners and bullseye gardeners?

The difference is focus.

Scattershot gardeners like all kinds of plants and flowers.  They are likely to buy a plant they've never heard of because they saw it, liked it, and immediately felt they could not possibly have a garden without it.

Scattershot gardeners grow a little of everything in their gardens. They plant whatever strikes their fancy.

Every once in a while, someone will become a bullseye gardener.  Bullseye gardeners focus in on one particular type of plant and spend most of their time and money on plants of that type.  Maybe it is roses. Or daylilies.  Or venus flytraps.  Almost to the exclusion of all other plants, the bullseye gardeners have only these plants in their sight.

Scattershot gardeners tend to know a little about a lot of gardening.  Bullseye gardeners often have deep knowledge of whatever it is they are focusing on.

Of course, many of us are a little of both types of gardeners.  We are all scattershot, hit or miss, and then every once in a while, we hit the bullseye of a plant that strikes our fancy more than others so we briefly pause and focus in on that one particular genus.  But our focus doesn't last all that long. Another flower comes along, a leave flutters in front of us, our attention is diverted, and we are on to the next plant.

I admire both types of gardeners, scattershot gardeners and bullseye gardeners, and all the variations in between.


Ann said…
I'm definetly a scattershot gardener, in knowledge and in application.

Despite carefully made todo lists I find myself doing everything that isn't on the list.

Guess I really lack focus.
I am a Scattershot gardener. I hit a bullseye every once in awhile but I soon go back to Scattering.
Covegirl said…
I am a Scattershot gardener.
Gail said…
Scattershot but but limit the shot to native plants!
Patsy Bell said…
I straddle the fence on this one.
Lea said…
Scattershot gardener here.
Have a great week-end!
Unknown said…
I am both! I can't resist a tempting plant and so buy it regardless of colour/ form etc, and then can't find a space for it!

I also am a bit of an anorak and can't stop adding to my rose collection, my auricle collection ... need I go on !
What about you Carol ?
Angie said…
I'm in the Scattershot category. AKA, impulse buyer!
It's such a pity that the GCs don't sell focus and patience along side their tempting plants.
Dee Nash said…
I would definitely say I'm a bit of both. I used to collect roses, and I still collect daylilies, but I also never met a plant I didn't like and want. I covet them. This is probably bad. ~~Dee
Unknown said…
I think I must be "scatter-eyed," jumping from one favorite to the next, but certainly planting things because I like the idea or the looks of them.
Scatterbrained, er, shot here, with a definite bullseye addiction for roses and herbs.
Mara Paz said…
Scattershot gardener here!
Anonymous said…
Oh, about 75% scattershot, I guess. And I love that approach!
Rose said…
I'm definitely a scattershot gardener--I know a little about a lot of plants, but I'm no expert on any one. Come to think of it, that kind of describes me in every way:)
RobinL said…
I am mostly a scattershot gardener, but as you so astutely noticed, we are often both! My moments of bullseye don't last long, however.