Garden fairies discuss bulb planting

Crocus speciosus are done for the year
Garden fairies here!

We are garden fairies and we want to know right now before we take the time to continue writing this post if any of the lovely readers of this blog missed us?

After all, it has been quite a while since we posted on this blog but we have been so busy we can hardly see straight.

One would think we should be winding down our various and sundry highly important activities but that is hardly the case.

We are so busy. We have been coloring up all of those leaves. And that is hard work.  Some of us look about as worn out as the two autumn-flowering crocuses pictured above.  We opened and closed those flowers faithfully until they just laid over and said "We are done".

Did you know by planting corms for the autumn crocus, Carol created extra work for us? She did. Once again, who do you think opens those flowers when the sun is shining and then closes them on cloudy days? You think that just happens?

It does not just happen. We are garden fairies and we make it happen.

Speaking of "making it happen", we have watched for several days as Carol has been all over the lawn planting more corms for crocuses and some bulbs, too.  We counted. She planted 2,444 bulbs and corms in the lawn.   This is because she held back six Glory of the Snow bulbs (Chionodoxa gigantea) to force into bloom in the winter time.

Over the previous two years, if our records are correct and we don't know that they are because we have not validated them so don't take it to the bank, she planted 2,000 corms for Crocuses in the lawn.

We are garden fairies and we are calling in extra garden fairies from near and far for this spring because we will have double the work and then some to wake up all those bulbs and corms, get them to send up their flower shoots and then open the flowers on sunny days and close the flowers on cloudy days.

It will be oh-so-pretty but it is sure going to be a  lot of work for us garden fairies.

But we are up to the task and with reinforcements from perhaps even your garden if you didn't plant bulbs in your lawn, we will make it happen, just like it happened in the one act play Carol wrote yesterday.

Posted by:
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and Team Captain for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens

P. S.  The front yard garden fairies asked me to let the readers know that in the front garden, Carol planted 300 bulbs for Iris reticulata of various varieties plus 50 bulbs for double snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis 'Flore Pleno'.  We are garden fairies and this makes us very happy.


  1. Perhaps Carol thinks "Keep them busy. They won't have time to get into mischief!"


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