Glory of the Snow Bulbs: A One Act Play

Glory of the Snow Bulbs
A One Act Play
Carol M.

Cast of Characters

Bulb…………………………....….A tiny bulb of Glory of the Snow
Corm………………………………A tiny corm of a Crocus
Pillywiggins………………………A song and dance troupe of Pillywiggins, garden fairies who specialize in spring blooms

TIME: Late Fall


(We see a lawn littered with leaves)


Is it crowded in this bucket or what? Where did all of us bulbs come from? I remember being in a package with other bulbs, then in a box, then someone dumped all of us bulbs into a bucket. I wonder what's going to happen next? Hey, someone just grabbed me in their hand. Help!

(Light fades and the scene switches to a nearly dark stage)


(Bulb is now underground.)


Where am I? It's dark. I can barely move. All this dirt. Oh my goodness, am I in the ground?


Welcome, Bulb! Now, don't be afraid little buddy, you are right where you need to be to grow big and strong and flower.


Flower? What are you talking about?


Yes, Bulb, you are a flower. You need to grow some roots now and then go to sleep. It's all part of the plan.

(Light fades and snow falls on the ground. The bulbs and corms are all sleeping.)


(The lights come back up in the garden, the snow is gone, and we see the the song and dance troupe of Pillywiggins dancing and singing on top of the ground.)


Hey, what's going on up there? I was sleeping. Oh my, look at me. I have roots now. And what's this green sprout coming out of my top?


Bulb, that's your flower coming out of your top. Hear those Pillywiggins dancing and singing on top of the ground? They want us to send up our flowers now because it's Spring. I'll go first.


Is that what they're doing? Alright, I'm new here so I'll follow your lead, Corm.

(Light fades again.)


(The lights come back up and we see Glory of the Snow blooming in the lawn along with hundreds of other flowers.)


Oh my. I'm beautiful. Look how pretty my petals are. Oh how nice the sun feels after those months of the damp, dark dirt. I could just sing I'm so happy. And look how many of us there are. Why, there must be hundreds of us here, all in shades of pink, and purple, and white. Hey Corm, now what?


Now, we bloom. We look pretty. We attract bees. And we make the gardener happy. Then we go back to sleep through the long summer, fall and winter and do this all over again.


How exciting. I love being a flower! I love all you other flowers. I love you, Pillywiggins, for your singing and dancing to wake me up. I wouldn't want to miss this. I am definitely coming back every spring.

(Light gradually fades as a bee comes along and visits several of the flowers.)


Chionodoxa sp. and star of the play


  1. Oh you clever girl. Such a good play. I love all the actors.

  2. Clever, clever, clever. Creative minds make this a better place to be. Thank you.

  3. You do understand what you have here…a children's book with illustration, and….a play for a classroom to present. So get back to your creative desk and keep going. If you can imagine this piece, there is a whole series coming on. Delighted I got to see this play's opening run. Thank you!


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