Miniature Amaryllis

Amaryllis bulb, just planted.
You know how amaryllis can get really tall and floppy and sometimes requiring elaborate staking to keep them from toppling over, no matter how heavy their pot is?

And the elaborate staking, with only the depth of a pot to anchor the actual stakes, can look like something Gilligan himself tried to put together using sticks and vines he found on an uncharted, deserted isle?

Well, I found some miniature amaryllis for sale from John Scheeper's bulbs which should only be a foot tall when they bloom.

I'm going to try growing them without staking.

Let me repeat that, since it seems unbelievable.

I'm going to try growing them without staking.

I feel like a tightrope walker walking the wire without a net for the first time.

Or like a little kid on a bike without training wheels, telling her dad not to let go because she might fall.

That's apparently why, as a precautionary measure, when I potted up the miniature amaryllis, 'Molto Bello', which translates from Italian to English as 'Very Pretty', I went ahead and put some stakes in the pot, just in case.

But the minute I determine those stakes aren't needed, I'm pulling them out.  I'm walking the wire without a net, riding the bike without training wheels.

I'm going to be growing amaryllis with no staking.

I'll post regular updates.

I add ivy and green moss to the amaryllis planting to dress it up a bit


Dee Nash said…
Gilligan's Island. That's funny.~~Dee
I didn't know there was such a thing as a miniature amaryllis. I will be curious to see what it looks like.
Lea said…
Haven't heard about a miniature variety before now. I just know it will hold its beautiful bloom upright without any help. Ivy and moss! very pretty way to dress up a pot.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Patsy Bell said…
I love the Miniature or dwarf varieties. I'm tempted to only grow the small ones.
CC said…
Love the mini's idea! I'll be watching for photos! I've given up on amaryllis because they just look like a patient in traction by the time I'm done staking! LOL
I will have to look for miniature amaryllis. One of the reasons I don't grow amaryllis is because I don't like those big strappy leaves.
Happy Thanksgiving
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Hetty said…
Daar Carol, let go! This amaryllis will be ok. I have had small ones in a pot, with out problems. Your basket looks very nice. Kam looking forward to see them flower. Groetjes from Holland, Hetty
Jean Campbell said…
It's doubtful that we could plant too many Amaryllis. These will be fun to watch.

I always mean to try some small varieties and invariably get distracted by the honking big ones that I just let lean against a post or something if they don't get enough water and light to stand up tall.
Hoover Boo said…
I know what you mean about stems that Dahlias are always disgraceful. I hope the mini A's meet your expectations.
Nicole said…
I love amarylis and treat myself to a few new bulbs every year so I am sure you will enjoy yours. Just planted 4 yesterday and I have my eye on some from John Sheepers. Mine never grow tall and floppy or need staking, maybe because if the bright light.