When my back is turned in my garden

This is what I think it looks like in my garden when my back is turned.

Rabbits and squirrels having a big party.

I know it happens because there is evidence of it. I won't go into details, but there is no denying what's going on when my back is turned.

The only difference between this picture and my garden is my garden has garden fairies in it, along with rabbits and squirrels.

There are a few other differences, but they are minor. For example...

Garden fairies here. We interrupt this post to protect the innocence of the rabbits, squirrels, toads, and our fellow garden fairies.  Carol truly has no idea what goes on in her garden when her back is turned.  

She got this silly post card with a picture by Racey Helps and now she wants to pretend it represents the goings on in her garden. It's all wrong, though.  First of all, the boy bunnies are shown with only coats in the picture. That's ridiculous. They also wear pants. Ditto the little mouse and frog in the little right hand corner.  

Other than that...

Well, we are garden fairies. We don't tell tales.  We report facts.  And we keep secrets.

Submitted by:

Violet Greenpea Maydreams, keeper of the secrets in the garden at May Dreams Gardens.


Kris Peterson said…
In my garden, I think the raccoons and skunks hold nightly bacchanals. The squirrels use the day shift to conduct reconnaissance.
Cathy Thompson said…
Lovely to start the day by visiting your world Carol. I left my young cat outside accidentally last night; I wonder what stories she could tell about my garden this morning?!
LostRoses said…
Judging by the sounds in my garden at night, I'd have to add a pack of marauding foxes and thug raccoons, but otherwise, that's exactly right!