Garden fairies prove existence of Christmas Cottontail

Be careful - garden fairies sleep in amaryllis blooms
Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we have been making plans this past week to prove once and for all the existence of the Christmas Cottontail.

As a refresher, the Christmas Cottontail is a little bunny rescued one Christmas Eve by none other than Santa Claus.  Long story short, Santa's elves trained the Christmas Cottontail how to plant bulbs and sow seeds in the flick of a whisker. Now he rides along with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and plants bulbs and sows seeds in the gardens of all good gardeners.

We won't say what the Christmas Cottontail does in the gardens of the bad gardeners. We are garden fairies and we don't like to think of such things, especially during this season of merry and bright.

Anyway, it has come to our attention that some people need more proof of the existence of the Christmas Cottontail, so we are making plans, big plans, to provide that proof.  

We realize our task is made even more difficult because some people don't actually believe in garden fairies and such others of our ilk, but that is their problem, not ours.

We are also amused because we know we are at the same time putting ourselves in the position of becoming the next example of irony. As in "isn't it ironic that garden fairies are trying to prove the existence of the Christmas Cottontail".

Nonetheless, we plan to persevere with our plans for Christmas Eve.  We are all gathering together... the tree fairies, the toaster fairies, the pilliwiggins, the sprites, and of course us garden fairies, for a big welcoming party for the Christmas Cottontail.

Will the Christmas Cottontail attend our party? Oh, how could he not since we will have his favorite snack for him.  A snack he surely cannot resist, even if he and Santa have no time to spare. They will absolutely spare time for this snack.

Right now, even as we speak, Sweetpea MorningGlory is working her magic, under the supervision of Granny 'Gus' McGarden, baking this special treat of Green Bean Cookies.

That's right. We are garden fairies and we know the Christmas Cottontail has a weakness for Green Bean Cookies, as do all rabbits.  We will set out a big plate full of Green Bean Cookies and a mug of hot steaming Cloverberry Tea and wait for the Christmas Cottontail.

Then once we see him, we will report back here on this blog that he really exists, and that will settle that.

Because we are garden fairies.

Merry Christmas from all the garden fairies, toaster fairies, tree fairies, pilliwiggins, sprites and others of our ilk here at May Dreams Gardens.

Submitted by Violet GreenPea MayDreams,  Chief Scribe and Organizer of the Committee for the Proof of the Christmas Cottontail.


  1. I thought I'd spotted the Christmas Cottontail on a porch in my neighborhood but it was an impostor.

  2. Merry Christmas to all the Fairies at May Dreams Garden. Of course we believe in the Christmas Cottontail.

  3. Merry Christmas to Carol, Christmas cottontail, and the fairies.

  4. How does the Christmas Cottontail plant bulbs in the gardens that are covered with snow and frozen solid? Probably the same way Santa comes down the chimney in houses that don't have a chimney.


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