How it is in my garden

I finally found a picture of how it is in my garden, or at least how I like to think it is in my garden, when I am not around.

Because we all know, of course, when we are not around our gardens, there are goings-on, as we like to say, the likes of which we probably cannot imagine.

Or maybe we can imagine them?

I was thrilled to find the picture and thankful to the artist, Molly Brett, who painted it many years ago, probably before my garden existed. In fact, yes, she did paint it before my garden existed because she died in 1990 and my current garden was established in 1997.

But no matter. I'm sure this picture accurately represents how it is in my garden when I am not around.

Here it is.

Postcard - Here we go gardening by Molly Brett
Of course, there could be a few differences between Brett's picture and my garden.

Perhaps in my garden the ducks are doing the trimming and watering and the rabbits are carrying around baskets of berries.  Or maybe the squirrel is in the wheelbarrow and a big hedgehog is pushing him around.  And where are the chipmunks?

One of the uncanny similarities between this picture and my garden is that no one is weeding.

Anyone who has seen my garden at the end of the summer knows there is not much weeding going on around here.

Yes, indeed, this is a fairly accurate depiction of how it is in my garden when I'm not around.

Isn't this how it is in your garden?


  1. Oh I wish some little helpers would do some cleanup here...I am falling behind.

  2. It is the same except for a few different animals. We don't have hedgehogs or badgers around here. I have racoons, opossoms, skunks, rabbits, voles, moles along with fairies and birds. Weeds? Of course that is why my DB wanted to name our place Weedy Wallow instead of Greenbow. tee hee...

  3. Usually the moles go the weeding here from below. I just never actually see them do it.

  4. I'd like to have some rabbits carrying baskets of berries instead of chomping off my tulips:) Yes, where are the weeding creatures?? I need to find some of those, too.


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