Pansies, for all seasons

Vintage Postcard
Pansies in the spring,

Pansies in the fall,

Pansies to wish seasons greetings to all.


Jean Campbell said…
I fell in love with Pansies as a child when Miss Ann and Miss Susan let me pick all I wanted. I had no idea picking kept them making more blooms.

Then Miss Billie taught me that Violas were tougher and that yellow showed up best in winter gloom.

Choosing a favorite is impossible.
Jane Hoehoegrow said…
It took me a lot of years to appreciate how truly wonderful they are, for some reason , which seems hard to believe now. The Victorians got it right, as they used them prolifically both graphically and horticulturally.
Can't think of a better way to wish someone Seasons Greetings, Carol. Pansies are adorable. Seasons Greetings to you, too. P. x