The Tale of the Amaryllis and Other Bulbs to Force in the Wintertime

Miniature Amaryllis
My amaryllis bulbs, including the miniature amaryllis bulbs,  are all up and in various stages of bud and bloom.

The miniature amaryllis is pretty but isn't the variety I ordered. So I wrote the company this morning to see what they can do. My first choice is to get the variety I ordered, but it is sold out.

But I've ordered from this company for years with great success so I'm sure we'll get it all sorted out after the holidays are over.

In the meantime, I can enjoy this one with its pink outline and green throat.  It is pretty, isn't it?

Given that it is a miniature amaryllis, I am a bit surprised that it is as tall as some of the regular big box store amaryllis, but that could be due to a lack of light in the sunroom.

(Sometimes I think "sunroom" isn't a good name for the room with windows facing west, north, and east. It gets a good amount of light but not the amount it would get if it had south windows. I may just rename it "Fairy Family Room" or something like that.)

The three miniature amaryllis bulbs all have minds of their own

One bulb is up and blooming. Another bulb has a nice flower stalk on it and should bloom in a few days and seems much shorter than the blooming bulb. The third bulb just has a leaf. It might not bloom. Or it might bloom, but not for awhile. Time will tell.

Even though I will have amaryllis blooming for several more weeks, I am now turning my attention to other bulb forcing.

I once again potted up some pre-chilled Lily of the Valley pips.

I hope those are in bloom by mid-January.

Later this week, I'm going to set up the hyacinth bulbs chilling in the refrigerator. I place them on hyacinth vases to bloom. I will also pot up some crocus corms that have been chilling with the hyacinth bulbs. I haven't forced crocus blooms in quite some time, so I assume chilling them and planting them will work. I bought them on clearance for 80% off when I put the amaryllis bulbs at the big box hardware store.

I'm also going to pot up some reticulated iris bulbs I held back from fall planting. This is my first attempt at forcing them. I hear they are easy to grow.

And in a few days some supplies will arrive for my next indoor gardening project... one that will really allow me to get my hands in the dirt again. I can hardly wait...


  1. I have three hyacinths in various stages! Happy New Year!

  2. It is a delicate pretty little thing your miniature amaryllis. I have red amaryllis (all same variety, all in same green house window facing east)they shipped together the first of Dec. and were meant to be a table display for Christmas. They still haven't bloomed and one has a 2 inch stem with a bloom forming, the next a 8 inch stem and the other a 4inch. I am rolling with it and did plan B for the table decorations. They will find a home outside when they are done blooming along with some other strays. Happy New Year.

  3. My three amaryllis bulbs are in various states of growth, but they were planted late so I figure I'll be lucky if I have flowers by Valentine's day. I so admire people who think ahead the way you do.


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