Garden Fairies Make Predictions for the New Year

Yet another vintage postcard
Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are going to make some predictions for the New Year about Carol and her garden.   We have been watching and observing and making notes so we feel more than qualified to make such predictions.

First, we predict Carol will plant peas on March 17th.  She has planted her peas on March 17th for the last umpteen years so we feel like this is a pretty solid prediction, a good lead prediction.

We also predict that Carol will pull out those shrubs by the sunroom and she will plant some hardy Camellias in their place.  She already planted a hardy purple-leaf oh, what do you call it?  Oh right, she planted a purple-leaf crepe myrtle there last fall. It's her garden of Southern Follies and Delights.

We also predict that she will have Lily of the Valley blooming in her sunroom in January.  This is a sure thing, dear readers. We are garden fairies and we've already seen the pot of Lily of the Valley sprouting!  Unless something tragic happens, like she gets a cat and the cat knocks over the pot, which isn't going to happen, there will be Lily of the Valley blooming in the sunroom in January, or early February.

We are garden fairies and so we are going out on a limb to predict and prognosticate that there will also be weeds in the garden this summer. Ha!  We already planted some of the seeds. We are garden fairies.  We predict Carol will weed them out, but not before they are big and tall and would be embarrassing to Carol if anyone saw them.

We also feel very strongly that Carol will have her best vegetable garden ever.  She must. Really, it is the only way to approach planting a vegetable garden because who wants to plant a so-so garden or an average garden or a "this will do garden"?  No one.  Every gardener always plants their best garden ever or we are garden fairies go home.

We garden fairies also predict Carol will lose a pair of gloves, perhaps get stung once by a wasp or yellow jacket, and mow the lawn at least once a week through the growing season.

In addition, we can state with some confidence that we garden fairies will continue to watch over her garden and report any foibles or funny business as we see it.  After all...

We are garden fairies.

Happy New Year from all the garden fairies at May Dreams Gardens.

Submitted by:
Violet Sweetpea Maydreams
Chief Scribe and Head Prognosticator at May Dreams Gardens


  1. Good morning Garden Fairies! I predict that you'll be right on all accounts. Let's all have great vegetable and ornamental gardens this year, shall we?

    I also have lily of the valley growing at RDR. Imagine that!~~Dee

  2. Garden fairies - do garden fairies move with a gardener? or will I find other garden fairies in residence when I find my new garden this year?

  3. Dear Violet Sweetpea, your predictions seem fairly safe. I wish Carol all the best with her gardening, especially in that terrific veggie garden. I am predicting that all will go well what with the community of Garden Fairies that help her in the garden as they will oversee the goings on. Cheers.

  4. Dear Common Weeder, I've heard that Garden Fairies stay where they are born. However they communicate through the grapevine and the fairies in your new garden will know all your foibles long before you put a spade to soil. Best wishes for at the best garden ever!

  5. It all sounds so lovely. Maybe, I will try the lily of the valley next year. :)

  6. Violet Sweetpea,

    Do you know where Carol gets her lily pips? All the sources I've found say they are shipped in spring, but I want some now.

  7. Very cute! I would love a camellia for indoors. Alas, instead of garden fairies, I have a cat that eats anything green.


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