Garden fairies discuss the end of winter

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we have decided to post on this blog to talk about the weather and in particular the end of winter.

Is winter ever going to end?  We ask ourselves this over and over. Just a few weeks ago it seemed like the question was if winter was ever going to get started because it really wasn't all that bad and it hadn't snowed that much.

Then all of a sudden. Wham!  Winter must have heard us talking about how wimpy it was and decided to show us.  Now we have colder than normal temperatures and snow on the ground and tomorrow, which by our reck-o-lecting is the first day of March, we are supposed to get more snow and more cold.

We are garden fairies, and we do not like this one bit. We believe the first day of March ought to be when we are talking about the beginning of spring and not the end of winter.

Oh sure, there are signs of the beginning of spring. Carol saw snowdrops, well one snowdrop, on January 24th and that got her to wondering if spring was going to come along fast and furious before she was ready.

Ha!  We can see that didn't happen. Now we think Carol is worried that all this lingering winter-ness is going to impinge upon her spring-ness and in particular her fervent need, yes we wrote fervent need, to sow peas on St. Patrick's Day.  And if she has her way, she also likes to plant pots of pansies and violas about that time, too.

We garden fairies see her looking outside at the perennials in the garden that she left to cut back in the spring.  We know what she is thinking, what she is muttering.  She is thinking and muttering stuff like "will the ground be 40F on March 17th so I can sow peas?"  "Maybe I ought to hire someone to cut back these perennials, but they can't work in the snow and I want to do it?"  "Will the crocuses and glory of the snow really be up and blooming on Easter for the big egg hunt?"  "Will winter ever end?"

Of course winter will end. We are garden fairies and we have never seen winter not end.   Oh sure, we know there is always a first time, but we are garden fairies and we don't think this year will be the first time winter doesn't end.

Just wait.  In fact, we garden fairies predict that in a few months, Carol will be all whining around about how spring has gone by too quickly.

We are garden fairies, and that's how it will be here at May Dreams Gardens.

Submitted by
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, chief scribe and spring scout here at May Dreams Gardens


  1. It feels as though winter will never end.~~Dee

  2. Well, of course Spring will be too short if Winter lasts too long! And, by the way, Winter always lasts too long and Spring is always too short.

  3. Come on spring. We are on your side. We welcome you. Listen to the Fairies! We need you.

  4. It started to thaw here a little bit and now it is SNOWING again!!!! This winter is definitely too long...only 19 days until spring...wishful thinking. :)


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