The little (okay, big) gardener inside of me

Snowdrop in the snow, as it should be.
Are you ready?

I looked at the weather forecast for tomorrow, a Saturday, and noted the high temperature will be 50F and there is no chance of rain.

The little (okay, big) gardener inside of me, who is always thinking about plants, and soil, and flowers, and gardens, and gardening books, etc. would like to go out and play in the garden.

And by "play", the little (okay, big) gardener inside of me means cut back some of the perennials left standing last fall, check for plants that have heaved out of the soil and push them back in, and otherwise occupy myself with pruners in the garden.

But part of me, the "isn't it nice not to have a garden nagging at me" part of me is thinking, "What? Winter is over already? I'm not ready. I haven't ordered my seeds. I haven't taken enough naps, spent near enough time in front of a fireplace reading. This winter is going too fast."

I'll let the little (okay, big) gardener inside of me work it out with the "isn't it nice not to have a garden nagging at me" part of me as to what I'll do on Saturday.

In the end, I think both will get part of what they want. After all, there is a little (okay, big) gardener inside of me and she will not be kept indoors easily if it truly is going to be 50F and sunny on a Saturday.

She'll tell the "isn't it nice not to have a garden nagging at me" part of me that winter is far from over. This warm day is just an intermission of sorts and it will do all of me some good to go outside and exercise a few of my gardening muscles, even for an hour or so.  After all, there will be many more winter days to spending resting and reading before spring arrives.


  1. Now I understand my inner conflict better.

  2. Isn't it the truth. If it gets that warm here I will definitely get outside. However I can think of things I want to do inside. There is a limb or two awaiting my attention. The bird baths need to be cleaned....

  3. There's no chance of me getting outdoors yet, Carol. But if I could I would, even though I haven't accomplished too much this winter. Go for it! P. x

  4. I know that inner conflict all too well. I'm glad you managed to please both sides. I'm afraid I didn't find time to do anything in the garden this weekend other than look around a bit, but I did order seeds, which counts as gardening, doesn't it?

  5. Gardeners have the worst cabin fever of them all. We are not as afflicted here in the south and snow is more of an adventure.


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