A magical place

I can think of no place more magical than a garden, where every hoe and trowel is a magic wand.

The magic is there in each petal of each flower as it opens up. It's there in the unfurling of each new leaf.

At times the magic seems to take place in slow motion. We wait and wait, and then in the blink of an eye, in just the second we turn our heads, it happens.

Flowers are blooming everywhere here at May Dreams Gardens.

In the front borders the irises, mostly Iris reticulata, are putting on a full show. It's a big production, like one of those fancy, over-done dances where everyone is on stage at the same time.

I am pleased with how it all turned out, having planted over 300 iris bulbs last fall so I would have a long chorus line of blooms.

In the back lawn, new crocuses are coming up to replace the early bloomers as they fade off. I hope, I know, that under ground, they are growing big fat corms so they can return next spring.

In a nearby flower border, larger crocuses are putting on a show.

This crocus is the kind of purple my mom would have liked, I think. This is their second year. Crocuses generally return for many years unless some squirrel or chipmunk gets a notion to dig the corm up and eat it.  I hope these particular crocuses come back and use their magic on me again, that magic that conjures up my memories year after year.

Out in front the first daffodils have made their appearance.

They are only six inches tall but are definitely part of the show here in my garden, and have been for many years.

Bloom by bloom, the magic of spring continues as flowers pop up everywhere. I consider the flowers as announced if I remember I planted them and look forward to seeing them.  They are unannounced if they pop up seemingly out of nowhere and I exclaim, "I had forgotten I planted you!"

And even though we are several days into official Spring, Winter is making a brief return.  Winter is like someone in the audience of the garden's spring show who is doing his or her best to ruin it all.  But, she, or he,  won't ruin it. The show will go on.  The magic in my garden will continue for many more weeks and months. There will always be something new in coming into bloom, just as I had planned.

Yes, indeed. I know of no place more magical than a garden,  especially a garden in Spring, and there is no other place I'd rather be.

Abracadabra! Spring!


  1. The garden is definitely magical with more life emerging day by day. I am in awe over your crocus and daffodils. Ours are just showing but no blooms yet...still a bit too cold. Thank you for sharing your spring blooms!!!

  2. The miniature daffs are the first daffs to bloom in my garden. They are so sweet and small.

  3. Spectacular! Enjoy your spring blooms and perhaps the cold will extend the show, at least for some.

  4. I still only have icy snow, but it is beginning to melt around the edges. Tomorrow I visit and friend and I am hoping her south lawn, at lower elevations, will have a few crocus buds.

  5. What a happy post! It made me smile. I love your perspective on Spring being like a play and Winter being a disruptive audience member.....but only temporarily..


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