Step right this way, ladies and gentleman, to admire the first crocus blooms of the season.  Be careful of the piles of snow still lining the driveway.  Don't all crowd around at once.  They'll be here for a few days to admire.

And, yes, once we get some sun, maybe at the end of the week, they might actually open, too.

These particular crocuses are in a flower bed and were planted oh, say six or seven, maybe eight years ago?

I've observed that established bulbs tend to bloom earlier than those of the same type planted the previous fall.  Isn't it the same in your garden?

Pretty soon, we'll start to see a few crocuses pop up in the back lawn, too.  And then a few more and then hopefully a lot more.

I've lost count of how many crocuses I've planted back there over the last three years.  I think it is 2,500. Or maybe 3,000.  I'd have to go back through my garden journal and do some ciphering to figure it out.

Or I could count them? Or make the garden fairies count them?

Whenever I see the first crocus blooms, I feel a sense of relief, or is it triumph, that I've made it through yet another winter.

Good bye ice, and snow, and threats of treacherous roads.  Hello flowers, and tiny green leaves, and days of  delightful gardening.

Time to put away the snow shovels and get out the garden shovels.

Time to take off our mittens and put on our gardening gloves.

Time to cut back those perennials and grasses we left standing last fall because we were lazy because we wanted some winter interest.

Time to return to the garden, once again.


  1. That's more like it! Enjoy Spring.

  2. So glad your snow is finally going and your flowers show that spring has arrived!

  3. Relief and triumph, Carol. Can't wait to feel that myself. P.x

  4. Hooray for the first crocuses of the season! I can't wait to see pictures of the ones in your lawn. You should make the garden fairies count them as they probably need a nice task like that to get them in shape for all that they will be doing this spring. No more sitting around drinking hot chocolate and wondering when the snow will finally stop melting! There are crocuses to count!

  5. Yipee, I can't wait to see crocus blooming here.

  6. Your croscuses are lovely. I do love all the bulbs that pop up to remind us to welcome spring. And they have so much less competition in the garden than those plants that bloom in the summer. I have quince, hellebores, daffodils, muscari and primrose jasmine in bloom here. Glad you’re seeing snow start to melt.

  7. Oh how wonderful to see the first crocuses blooming! I just walked around this morning and spied some little green shoots popping up through the soil--now I'm a believer that spring is on its way. Oh, and I would definitely put the fairies to work counting crocuses--it would keep them out of mischief:)


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