March 1st - Spring Flowers and Dr. Hortfreud

Ah yes, the blooms of early spring. It's time for them to appear, now that it's March 1st.

In this first picture, the snowdrops are making their appearance, but it is under the cover of snow.

They are like little nodding bells, ringing in the spring, though currently, with the March 1st snowfall, their nodding bells have been nearly silenced, perhaps even crushed.

Only the most well-trained gardener's ear can hear them now.  I can hear them, can you?

In this next picture, we see where the first crocuses of the early spring bloom season generally appear.
I suspect it will be a few weeks before that mound of snow is completely gone. But if you squint, you might be able to see their first leaves poking through.

Squint.  Do you see them?

Perhaps the reticulated irises will show up soon?
There are three hundred of them planted along this border, under that snow.  Do you see them?

Meanwhile in the back garden, the stage is set for the crocuses and glory-of-the-snow planted in the lawn to bloom for Easter, in just five weeks.
Of course, you can't see them now.  I don't want them to bloom now. I want them to bloom in five weeks.

Ah yes, the blooms of early spring...


Yes, Dr. Hortfreud.

"Your post seems just a wee bit snarky. I think you are suffering from "snow vision hallucinations".

Snow vision hallucinations? What?

"That's when you look at the white snow and see flowers that aren't there yet. It's a coping mechanism, no doubt."

Is there a cure?

"Sure, Carol. The cure is for the snow to melt, for spring to arrive, and for the flowers to actually bloom. Then you'll forget all about winter, again."

Great, Dr. Hortfreud. That's the cure I want!

"It's the cure we all want."


  1. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your site! I just moved to my first house with a yard in Noblesville, IN. I got bit by the landscaping bug in a big way. I grew up helping my dad on landscaping projects, and now I'm super eager to experience my first Spring on my 0.13 acres of heaven! I added your site to my sidebar, and I'll check back often :) Happy March 1st! We got 8 inches of snow, but I'm hoping most of it melts so I can wait for my crocus bulbs.

  2. Here it is March 2nd and the snow is up to my neck! I wish I had garden fairies to discuss (whine) this with! The Saver isn't really sympathetic about whether new plants will make it through this freezing cold winter......he's too busy perusing Craigslist free column....(I hope he finds some garden ornaments!)

  3. Oh, Carol, you make me laugh! If we get much more snow this month, I think I will need a session with Dr. Hortfreud, too:)

  4. Oh, how we in Upstate New York want spring. We don't want the sleet turning to freezing rain that we have right now. Will spring (whining voice) ever come? Is there hope?? Will I ever see a daffodil bloom in my garden again? Aaargh....Alana

  5. Well they do say gardeners are an optimistic bunch! A bit of blind belief needed at the moment I guess!!
    Just keep telling yourself that spring is just around the corner ...

  6. I'm afraid that all of this snow is making me need to start visiting Dr. Hortfreud too. Does he make house calls to Columbus Ohio?


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