Welcome, Spring

Iris reticulata anxiously await Spring's arrival in the garden
Spring arrives today at 6:45 pm EDT.

If you want to be sure Spring comes to your garden, you absolutely must run out right now and open up your garden gate.

If Spring arrives and your garden gate is closed, she may pass you by and you'll face weeks of who knows what kind of weather.  I wouldn't risk it.

If Spring arrives and your garden gate is open, she will enter and take up residence and you will have weeks of wonderful weather, beautiful flowers, and the trees will leaf out in the most wonderful shades of green.

Why risk it, when it is so simple to open up your garden gate, even if just for a few minutes at 6:45 pm EDT?

Of course, as you might have guessed, the same holds true for your house.  You simply must open up a window or door so Spring feels welcome when she arrives.  Then, with Spring in your house, you will feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders.  You'll have that wonderful feeling you get when you take off your heavy winter coat, for the last time until Winter arrives again.

But we need no longer think of Winter. Winter is far, far away in the future now, and Spring is here.  Open the garden gates, open the doors, open the windows...

Welcome, Spring!


  1. Your iris reticulata are gorgeous! I'm glad I read this post just 40 minutes before time to swing wide the gate and set ope the windows. Of course, in my neighborhood, along with spring, in may rush some mentally unstable folks from the home across the alley, and any number of interesting people but that's just part of the tapestry of urban living. Welcome spring! The rest of you will have to go back out the gate with winter!

  2. Opening your gate to let spring in is similar to those signs sold before xmas , which say "Stop here Santa" - if you don't take the precautions, then the good stuff just might not happen! My gate is open wide, with a big arrow and a sign saying "Please stop here Spring"!

  3. The gate is open. Welcome Spring. Your irises are gorgeous.

  4. I can just imagine you doing an Isador Duncan ballet out of bed and through your garden all a swirl in printed pastel sheet.... ;-)) Yea for spring! here as well.

  5. I have duly done the 'correct' things to welcome spring - yay!
    I follow many garden blogs, Carol, but I always save reading yours til very last because I know it will leave me smiling! Thank you!

  6. Oh Darn! No wonder spring didn't come to NW VT! I completely forgot to open the gate. Don't let it get out that I am responsible for this prolonged spell of winter, K?

  7. Springing into spring is the best!!!🌹🌹🌹

  8. Well, I don't have a garden gate, so therefore spring can come as she pleases! But then again, not having a gate has also allowed winter to come back countless times, when I've told him he isn't welcome. Very charming post, by the way!


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