Because it makes me smile

The minute I saw it, I wanted it to follow me home and come live in my garden, forever.

And so I gave the guy who made it a little something called cash, and the bird followed me home. Or rather, I picked it up and carried it  to my vehicle, figured out how to put it in the back without gouging the upholstery, and drove it home.

It's quite a bird, with its rakish tail feathers, big washer eyes, and spoon handle head feathers.  Gotta love it.  It even has a place to hold a pot of flowers, should I choose to add a pot of flowers.

And I probably will choose to add a pot of flowers.

I smile every time I see it, and I see it as soon as I go out the backdoor to the garden.

This means that now whenever I go out the backdoor into my garden, no matter what my facial expression was when I got to the door, I'll immediately smile, and enter my garden with a smile.

As it should be.

Because if you aren't smiling in your own garden, somethings not right and you should fix it until it is right.

Oh sure, there is a lot that isn't exactly right in my garden.  I could make a list.

Weeds.  Check I have those.

Unplanted areas or areas I wish would fill in faster with spreading plants.  Check and check.

Weeds. Oh, yes, I mentioned them already, but by weeds this second time I mean that dastardly thistle. Shudder. It can wipe smile off my face faster than a toothache.

But I won't let it.

Because I have a funny bird sculpture in my garden now.  The eternal smile maker.

It needs a name.  I'm thinking Esmerelda, since the first letters are E-S-M, which stands for "eternal smile maker".

Yes, Esmerelda it shall be.  She'll watch over my garden when I'm not around and make sure I always wear a smile when I am around.

 Who knows, she might even write a guest post on this very blog someday.


  1. I love it! A few years ago, I noticed a cute peacock sculpture in a neighbors yard. Every time I walked by, I giggled. I found one a couple of years ago, and bought it. It just makes me giggle. I haven't named him. Perhaps, I will!

  2. I am certain that when Esmeralda becomes acclimated to the garden, fairies and various goings on that she will have an opinion and will express it beautifully. She is quite the looker.

  3. I have a pig named Primrose in my garden that is was made in a similar way .. my granddaughter gave her to me for Christmas.. Primrose makes me smile as well you can see her at my blog

  4. I don't know much about art, even garden art, but it seems to me that the major criterion for calling something art is that it should make you smile. Esmerelda is a beauty! I'd love to hear her opinions one of these days.

    I think I need something to make me smile while I pull up all the darned weeds growing in my garden:)

  5. I need one too! Groetjes, Hetty

  6. Oh I too own an Esmerelda and even when I don't see her, I smile whenever I go into my garden.. it us certainly my own, private world. ..

  7. Oh I too own an Esmerelda and even when I don't see her, I smile whenever I go into my garden.. it us certainly my own, private world. ..

  8. I love it, Esmerelda would bring a smile to the dourest of faces.


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