Garden fairies take over for Wildflower Wednesday

Nemophila maculata
Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are once again called upon to take over this blog and provide some useful information for the fine readers who come here looking for useful information only to find some of that stuff Carol will sometimes write that we don't think is useful at all.

Plus, if we don't post for Wildflower Wednesday to show what we did in the garden, then who will? Indeed.  That's what we thought as well, and so here we are.

It is has been a busy spring, and we wanted everyone to know that we have not been sitting around being all lazy and lackadaisical.  No. We have not been doing that.

We have been madly darting about the garden celebrating each new flower as it opens.  Honestly, it is almost too much for us garden fairies and yet, Carol plants more flowers in the garden.

Last fall, just as the first frosts arrived and we garden fairies were getting ready for the big leaf painting party, Carol took an old bag of seeds for wildflowers and cast them about the lawn and in the mulch at the entrance to the vegetable garden.  She is lazy and so did not do one thing to prep the ground for those seeds or water them in or anything like that. She just cast them hither and yon.

Well, as you can just imagine many of those seeds did not germinate after the winter, but there were some that did including the one pictured above.  We had never seen it before and neither had Carol, but she looked it up and guess what it is.  Just guess.

It's Nemophila maculata, with common names like Baby Blue Eyes and Fivespot.  It's a wildflower, but it isn't exactly native around here. It's from Cal-ee-for-nye-a.  Like we said, we garden fairies never saw it before, but we think it is kind of pretty so we are watching over the six or so little plants that came up in the mulch in hopes they like it here and decide to sow some seeds and stay awhile.

Carol's pretty pleased with it as well, but she had hopes more would bloom in the actual lawn which she hopes somedays is more flowers than lawn.

Well, if she doesn't learn better how to sow seeds in a lawn, that's not going to happen.

We are garden fairies.

Submitted by:
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and Hardest Working of All The Garden Fairies in May Dreams Gardens.

P.S.  We apologize to Gail how lazy Carol is and hope she accepts this as a true and bonafide Wildflower Wednesday post. Please visit her and let her know about this post.  Thank you.


  1. Oh, it is so cute! And don't we all need more purple flowers? Yes, we do!
    Happy Wildflower Wednesday to all you Garden Fairies!

  2. It's very pretty even if it's not native to Indiana. With all that is blooming in Carol's garden, you fairies must be exhausted!


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