Garden Fairies Discuss How Weed Situation is Becoming Dire

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we like to think we've been missed on this blog and that every day when people come here and see we haven't posted, they are disappointed.

But now we are here, and we are posting, and it is the summer solstice and we have so much to tell we don't even know where to begin.

Well, we mostly will begin by saying that our work which consists primarily of opening flowers is continuing, though we'll admit there is a bit of a slow-down here in the last third of June.

But look at what a good job we did with the squash blossom.

We can't help but notice as we open up flowers in the garden that there are quite a few weeds growing up around some of the flowers and let's not even mention the Vegetable Garden Cathedral.

Well, since we did mention it, let's just say it is becoming a dire situation. If it doesn't stop raining and Carol doesn't start weeding it won't matter how many squash blossoms we open. She'll never find the squash in the weeds.

Purlsane, nutsedge, thistle, foxtail.  These will be Carol's new crops if she doesn't start weeding and pronto hop to it.  Now.  She can't wait. She mustn't wait. She needs to forget about the heat, the humidity, the mosquitoes.

This is it.  The weed situation is dire.

In other news, we are garden fairies, and we are quite impressed with the number of mushrooms popping up in the lawn.  It's because of the rain.  It rains mushrooms down upon the garden. It's magical.

Just like us garden fairies,

Submitted by,
Violet Greenpea Maydreams,  Chief Scribe and Head Squash Bloom Opener here at May Dreams Gardens


Janice said…

So cute! The 'fairies' would be reprimanding me also, as my weeding is much neglected. Central Florida is just too darn hot right now, feeling more like August, instead of June. Happy gardening.
Anonymous said…
Why does my garden fairy look like a rabbit? How do you deal with them when they are so disguised?
Rose said…
Dear Violet and friends, Please don't be too hard on Carol. The weed situation is dire here, too, and with more rain in the forecast, it doesn't look like it will be under control any time soon. I am glad to see you back posting because I have a question for you--do you suppose you could sprinkle some fairy dust on the weeds to make them enticing to rabbits? I seem to have a colony of bunnies in my yard this year, and if they would only eat the weeds, my life would be so much simpler.
Covegirl said…
The weeding can get away from all of us, so quickly!
Melanie said…
I loved the way this was written, so sweet. Don't want to offend my garden fairies, better get to weeding! Mel at