I will when Mother Nature says I can

When will I next be able to head out to the garden to weed or perhaps mow and trim the lawn?

When Mother Nature says I can.

And right now Mother Nature is speaking the language of rain.

When it is flat-out raining, she is saying "No, do not go out to the garden."

When it rains in the morning or overnight, that's her way of saying, "You can garden this evening, but please put on a good mosquito repellant."

When it doesn't rain for an entire day and the night before a sunny day, she is saying, "Time to mow."

I listen closely to Mother Nature, and so far it's turned out okay.

On Saturday, it didn't really rain, but it had rained so much the night before, I decided Mother Nature was telling me to clean inside, which I did.  Now my house looks like a normal person lives here, and not someone who is so obsessed with gardening that she feels it is okay not to clean when she can garden.

Then on Sunday, since it hadn't rained all the night before and the sun was shining, I decided Mother Nature was telling me, in her rain language, to trim and mow the lawn, so that's what I did.

Then, I went out to the vegetable garden and found Mother Nature had left me oodles of peppers, one giant squash, and the first little cucumber to pick.

When I saw the size of the squash, I wished then I had listened to Mother Nature a few days earlier when she told me to go out and check on the squash. The one I picked was a bit oversized.

I guess the large squash is Mother Nature telling me in vegetable language to make Zucchini Pie for supper because she is bringing us rain this morning and again this evening, so there won't be much gardening today.

I guess I better do that, because when Mother Nature talks, in the language of rain or the language of vegetables, I listen.

Most of the time.


  1. Mother Nature sure has been busy raining this spring and summer so far. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining. I haven't had to water much of anything. It seems all is growing like crazy especially the weeds so I have been busy between showers. Nice haul from your veggie plot.

  2. Care to divulge a recipe for Zucchini pie, Carol? I'm tired of Zucchini bread and fried Zucchini!

  3. Yes, please share the zucchini pie recipe! I am anticipating a bumper crop of zucchinis and will need to know what to do with them...thanks!

  4. Mother Nature has been raining on us here too. She must know that my bad knee makes it hard to drag the hose around my yard, so I appreciate her help. I usually love rain on my garden, but lately, it's been a bit much! Uncle!

  5. Mother Nature is telling me to go to the beach!! Groetjes Hetty

  6. You just have to go with the flow! LOL!

  7. It's been the same here mostly raining, bad for business if you want to install because 9 times out of 10 your getting wet while doing it. I laughed when you said you cleaned the inside of your house when it was raining because Mother Nature was telling you. It always tell me that but something I don't listen because I really want to be out in my garden. My tomatoes on the other hand need a few days of sun as my husband asks why haven't we gotten any tomatoes yet. Rain is good and we need it but we do need more sun then were getting.

  8. Mother Nature told me to stay inside today and read my book. She also suggested a trip to the Library to get a new book might also be a good idea. The rain my stop by tomorrow.


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