Dear Mary Ann, Do you remember my tomatoes?

Dear Mary Ann,

I was out in the garden this evening picking more tomatoes and thought of you and your blog Gardens of the Wild, Wild West.

Do you remember when you visited me in late summer in 2011 when you were here for the Garden Writers Association symposium?  My vegetable garden was such a mess that summer.

Earlier that spring, I had a crew tear out the old raised beds which were made out of cedar boards. The boards had mostly rotted and I decided it was time for a fresh start.  But, I didn't know what I wanted to do to replace them and I didn't have time to do anything in the spring so I just made some rows and planted.

Then it didn't rain, but weeds grew. The weeds always grow, don't they? And I was short on time so never really had a chance to set the garden right before you and several others visited.  But I remember you said your garden was not doing well, either, and you hadn't yet tasted a ripe tomato.  

I did have some nice ripe tomatoes, as I recall, and when you pointed them out, I was more than happy to pick them and share them with all of you.

I'm picking a lot of tomatoes right now.  Even with all the rainy weather.  Here's the latest batch of tomatoes, waiting for me to do something with them.
And that's just what I picked in the last day or two.  I think it is time to make some salsa.

But before I get all engrossed in that, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the support you've given me over the past, going back to at least 2008.  You were the one who got me to join the Garden Writers Association and start attending their symposiums, including the one in 2011 in Indianapolis. Including that one I've been to six symposiums now and am looking forward to my seventh one in September.

Can you believe that?

You've always been a big supporter... pushing me a bit, giving me suggestions, and sometimes just flat insisting that I do something. And it's all worked out so far, hasn't it?

Anyway, thank you for all you've done these past few years to encourage me, pester me, and help me branch out a bit in garden writing and speaking.  I appreciate it more than you know.

With a shared love of gardening,

P.S.  The zinnias are all blooming now, too.  See...


  1. I am growing the world's most tasteless tomatoes. They are sitting on my counter waiting to be turned into roasted tomato sauce. I really need to take note of what kind they are so I don't buy the same ones next year.

  2. I have been picking a few tomatoes. They have been tasty. I am growing a couple of cherry tomato plants, that have been prolific since June. My granddaughters love them.


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