A Garden Revival: A One Act Play

A Garden Revival
A One Act Play
Carol M.

Cast of Characters

Gardenangelist…………………………......An evangelist of gardening
Garden Fairies………………………………Assorted Garden Fairies
Granny Gus McGarden..................................The garden fairy who tends the compost bins

TIME: Late Summer
SETTING: A garden


(We see some garden fairies looking at a sign in the garden)

GARDEN FAIRY 1(Jumping up and down)

Hey, what's that sign say. Who can read around here? What's that sign say?

GARDEN FAIRY 2 (Standing beside GARDEN FAIRY 1)

It says "Garden Revival Tonight. All garden fairies should attend." I guess we'd better go.


Oh goodie, I've always wanted to go to a gardening revival!

(Light fades and the scene switches to semi circle of garden fairies looking at a podium)


(Garden fairies are whispering and talking to each other as the Gardenangelist steps to the podium.)


My dear garden fairies! Thank you for coming this evening to the great garden revival. Now I know some of you garden fairies are weary, tired of opening new flowers, wondering where you'll get the strength for the mad rush to open fall flowers, not to mention paint all the leaves. I'm here to tell you that you will find the energy. Look around! Be grateful! Oh sure, it's a little dry but the gardens have never looked better. She weeded! She is starting to lay down more mulch. Surely, you all can hang on for a few more months? Let's make this the best fall ever in the garden!

(The garden fairies began talking excitedly amongst themselves and you hear many of them saying "Yes, yes we can" as the light fades.)


(The lights come up and we see the gardenangelist is still at the podium.)


And great things are planned for the garden. I can't tell you all the plans, but some of them involve the compost bin.

(At the mention of the compost bin, the Garden Fairy Granny Gus McGarden leaps to her feet and scurries forward to the podium as the light fades)


(The lights come back up and we see Granny Gus McGarden at the podium with the Gardenangelist standing nearby.)


You heard the gardenangelist. We can hang on. We are garden fairies, after all. We've come so far this season, we can make it through fall. Who's with me? Let's go!

(The garden fairies all jump and applaud Granny as they rush up to the podium to congratulate her and the gardenangelist on the inspiring message.)



  1. You had me on the edge of my seat! Best revival ever!

  2. Amen...let the fall flower opening/painting begin...

  3. Nice story you shared in the start of this post. I really enjoyed to reading this post. Thanks for sharing here.

  4. If I pitched a tent here, do you think the Gardenangelist might hold a revival meeting here? My fairies and I could use a little motivation right now.


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