Fading flowers

Fading sunflowers remind me of Grandma's old summer dresses hanging out to dry on a clothesline, faded by the sun.   They have seen a better day.

On these late summer days, I walk through the garden deciding which flowers to deadhead and which to let fade to a lovely aged patina, befitting a fall garden.

How do I decide what to cut and what to leave alone?

At this point, I'm deadheading mostly to keep rampant self-sowers from making a mess for me to weed next spring.  Other flowers I allow to slowly fade out, like those old-time sundresses.

My sunflowers?  I'll leave them. Even faded summer dresses, I mean flowers, have their purpose. The birds will come by and find the sunflower seeds in the fall and eat up as they make their journey south.


  1. Yup. This is my year to dead-head EVERYTHING. I love seeing the birds in the seed pods, but I have too much to do come spring to be pulling up seedlings.

  2. Over here in the UK my sunflowers haven't even flowered yet, we've had such a rainy cloudy August! So mine are more September bound this year, but seeing their nodding facades appear over the fence in the garden never fails to make me smile!



  3. I dead headed this morning/ I have a sunflower that has not bloomed yet. I hope it blooms, soon!


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