Garden fairies explain where here is in a letter

Dear Readers,

Garden fairies here! And over there. And across the way there. And everywhere!  We are garden fairies and we've decided to write us a letter, too, just like the letters Carol has been writing on this blog.

Well, our letter won't be just like Carol's letters. After all, we are garden fairies and we have our own style. We don't copy anyone.  We are our own selves.

For our letter, we have decided, at the risk of being discovered, to explain where "here" is in a garden which is where garden fairies are when they are there. Where? Here. And there.

Follow us so far?

We garden fairies spend our time when we are not busy, which is most of the time, hiding under plants. Did we say hiding? We meant sitting and contemplating the great mysteries of gardens and gardeners.

We observe. We watch. We wonder at what gardeners do. We could write a book about what we see gardeners doing.

One of our favorite places to sit and contemplate with our eyes closed and making sounds like we are snoring but we are not sleeping, is under the big hostas. Lovely shade there. Plus, the mulch is soft. That is if there is mulch.  Carol prefers pine bark mulch and we are garden fairies, we noticed about a dozen bags of pine bark mulch on her patio.

And it has been there for weeks. Weeks, people. We wonder when she is going to spread it around, though we do want to give her credit for spreading it around the camellias in the Garden of Southern Follies and Delights.

We garden fairies are already calling dibs on who gets to sit under the camellias when they get bigger. A whole lot bigger. If they do get bigger.  Time will tell. They look alright now, but they are still kind of small. We hope they survive the winter.  If they do, and they grow, then Sweetpea Morningdew says she's moving under one of them.

We'll see.  In the meantime, some other places where garden fairies are here in this garden include these places.

Well not this place. This is beneath the asters. They have ugly stems down at the bottom.
But their flowers are pretty, so we forgive them.

We sometimes hide under these coralberries.
We'd tell you the botanical name but someone, namely Carol, is too lazy to look it up.

We stay year round under the spruce tree.
Though, we have to watch out in the wintertime. Birds and all sit above us and they have not been potty trained if you know what we mean.

Some of the garden fairies like to hang around the Naked Lady flower stalks and look up at the blooms.
Carol insists on calling these Surprise Lilies. She can be that way.

Finally, we like to hide under most of the shrubs, like this Carolina Allspice.

We garden fairies would like to just state right now that just because we have revealed some of the places you might find us doesn't mean you should go looking for us.  We are good at hiding and if you did kneel down to look for us, we'd just sneak up behind you and give you a not so gentle shove so you fall over.

Then we would laugh. And laugh. And laugh some more.

For the love of all things in a garden,
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Letter Writer for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens

P.S. We hope you liked our letter.


  1. If there are fairies in my garden I want them to work their magic and make the weeds disappear. Hear that fairies? Get to work!

  2. Your letter is quite entertaining so I can say I liked it. I must say if you looked under lots of places in my garden you would find weeds. Weeds that I can't remove until we have a good rain because the ground is so hard if I tried to pull them now they would just break off and grow back. I hope you garden fairies find a nice cool damp place to relax.

  3. Those scamps. I hope you empty those bags soon Carol. It is no fun having tattletales in the garden.

  4. Ha and there I thought I just had shocking balance in the garden! Tell me dear fairies are you also the ones who make the hose nozzle come off to and drench me with water? Tell you what I'll warn you when I'm coming with the hose, and maybe you stop spraying me with water? It's winter here, have a heart!


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