Gardenangelist Defined

gardenangelist (gär dn ān′jəl ist) n 1. A person who loves gardening and tries to convince others to love it, too.  2. A spokesperson for the love of gardening.  3. Someone who donates lavishly to a garden, a benefactor.  4. An evangelist for gardening.

v gardenangelize 1. To speak about one's love of gardening. 2. To attempt to convince others to garden. -zed, -zing

n gardenangelism 1. The spreading of the love of gardening through speaking and one on one conversations.

The other night, I googled "gardenangelist" and Google knew nothing about such a word.  So I tried Bing. I got millions of hits for "garden angels", but nothing for gardenangelist. Ditto other search engines.

I believe it is a perfectly good word, so I've defined it and hope the search engine gods find it someday, buried here on my blog.

 I am a gardenangelist, based on the first definition.  When I speak to a group about gardening, I become the second  and fourth noun definitions and do the verb definitions. Maybe someday I'll become the third noun definition?

I think I need new business cards.

Carol M.
An evangelist for gardening

What do you think?


  1. Hmm. Gardenangelist and hoe curator?

  2. Absolutely love it! Sign me up!

    Katie x

  3. I hoely believe you are a Gardenangelist. And a fine job you do Gardenangelizing too.

  4. Love it! You definitely are.~~Dee

  5. Count me in. I didn't I had a title. John

  6. I think you've more than earned the title - and that the world would be a better place with more Gardenangelists.

  7. It's a perfect word for those of us who speak often of our love for gardening to everyone who will listen, and even those who don't want to hear!


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