Gardenangelist Defined

gardenangelist (gär dn ān′jəl ist) n 1. A person who loves gardening and tries to convince others to love it, too.  2. A spokesperson for the love of gardening.  3. Someone who donates lavishly to a garden, a benefactor.  4. An evangelist for gardening.

v gardenangelize 1. To speak about one's love of gardening. 2. To attempt to convince others to garden. -zed, -zing

n gardenangelism 1. The spreading of the love of gardening through speaking and one on one conversations.

The other night, I googled "gardenangelist" and Google knew nothing about such a word.  So I tried Bing. I got millions of hits for "garden angels", but nothing for gardenangelist. Ditto other search engines.

I believe it is a perfectly good word, so I've defined it and hope the search engine gods find it someday, buried here on my blog.

 I am a gardenangelist, based on the first definition.  When I speak to a group about gardening, I become the second  and fourth noun definitions and do the verb definitions. Maybe someday I'll become the third noun definition?

I think I need new business cards.

Carol M.
An evangelist for gardening

What do you think?


Kathy said…
Hmm. Gardenangelist and hoe curator?
Katie Bedlow said…
Absolutely love it! Sign me up!

Katie x
Lisa Greenbow said…
I hoely believe you are a Gardenangelist. And a fine job you do Gardenangelizing too.
Dee Nash said…
Love it! You definitely are.~~Dee
JohnVic08 said…
Count me in. I didn't I had a title. John
Kris Peterson said…
I think you've more than earned the title - and that the world would be a better place with more Gardenangelists.
RobinL said…
It's a perfect word for those of us who speak often of our love for gardening to everyone who will listen, and even those who don't want to hear!