Why there are weeds in the garden

I know why there are weeds in the garden...

To remind me...

...To be thankful I can kneel in the garden and then stand back up without pain.

...To be thankful I can grip with my hands,

....To be grateful I have the eyesight to see the weeds,

...To be grateful I have the knowledge to know the difference between weeds and flowers,

...To be thankful I can hear the bees buzzing in the garden while I weed,

...To be thankful I can reach for the furthest weeds without pain in my shoulders,

To remind me I have my own garden to weed in.

I am reminded, too, as sweat begins to drip down my face and into my eyes while I am weeding, that I have fresh water to drink and a cool, air conditioned house to retreat to.

And as I weed,  I am reminded of all my family members and friends who have done the same in their gardens for countless generations and even now.

That's why there are weeds in my garden.

Thank you, Lord, for the weeds in my garden!


  1. Thank you Carol for this thank full article. It is oh so true. I will think about this the next time I am sweating to the weeds.

  2. Nice to see weeds in a different light!

  3. I agree. as long as I can work in my garden, I will be there! Bring on the weeds!

  4. Excellent points. I don't know about the no pain here though I am thankful I can do all those things. Thanks for the reminder.~~Dee

  5. Amen, that is why I weed too.

  6. Agreed! Be grateful for every little thing and don't take anything for granted.

  7. And I find weeding a meditative, calming activity. It gives me time to pause and slow down.


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