Garden fairies send out a search party

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are sending out a search party to find out where Carol is, has been, or will be, and why it is she has not posted on this blog for over a week.

Really, we've had to clear out cobwebs, dust off the paper, find some ink for the dried up ink well, just to be able to write this post.   But we are garden fairies and we are willing to do that so this blog can stay alive.

Honestly, we have no idea what Carol would do without us to pick up the slack around here. And let us tell you, there has been big time slack around her of monumental proportions.  Carol has not been seen since nearly a week ago.  Where did she go? What was she doing?

Ol' Rainbow Tanglefly said he never remembers Carol missing so much of September in the garden. She was gone for over a week, came back, scurried around a bit and disappeared again.

Well, we are garden fairies and we never let an opportunity go to waste. Just wait until she sees the garden in daylight again. She is going to be so surprised.  Really.  But we hope it isn't a shocking surprise that renders her unable to garden because we need her out here.

Tired summer annuals want to be released, let go of, sent off to the old annual's rest home, otherwise known as the compost pile.  Then Carol needs to plant fall pansies and mums in their place.

The vegetable garden plants likewise want to leave. They are exhausted from producing all summer. Their bags are packed and they are just waiting for the ol' heave-ho.

The weeds, well, you know weeds. They continue to party on with no regard for the changing of the seasons. They act as if they own this place. We need Carol-the-weed-bouncer to come and evict them. If she doesn't, this place is going to get all seedy and decent plants won't want to live here.

No one wants that!

Anyway, we've sent out search parties in search of Carol and expect them to return anytime now with a full report of where Carol has been and what she's been up to.

Submitted by,

Viola Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and Head Scout for May Dreams Gardens, home of...


  1. I will give you fairies a hint. She has been out collecting accolades as she collects plant. She is a busy lady.

  2. She won some pretty wonderful awards while she was gone. That's why. She'll be back. Don't worry Garden Fairies. I kept good track of her while she was gone to Cal-i-forn-i-a!~~Dee

  3. She'll have something gold and sparkly to show you when she returns. Congratulations are in order. P. x

  4. Garden fairies, be aware! Carol will return! Congratulations!

  5. Oh fairies don't dismay, your Carol will return to you and the garden! You and I both can look forward to tales of her travels.
    Carol, isn't it lovely to be missed!

  6. That was adorable. <3 Mel at catesgarden


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