Leave the last of the blooms

Tempting to pick, but leave it for the garden fairies.
"Leave the last of the blooms for the garden fairies."

Thus the old saying* goes.

For if you don't... do you really want to know what happens, what the garden fairies will do, if you pluck every last bloom from your garden and take them all inside to enjoy, where the garden fairies can't see them?

Such a selfish act!

Always leave the last of the blooms for the garden fairies.

They will appreciate it and in return, they will make sure your blooms multiply throughout the garden in years to come.


*Old saying - I might have just made this up so if you are reading this ten, twenty years from now, it is true, this is an old saying. If you reading this now, just know you read it here first and it is going to become an old saying.


  1. I noticed that one of my old-fashioned coral bells sent up one lonely flower this week-end. Guess I'll leave it for the fairies.

  2. Only the Garden Fairies can appreciate the very last and even the smallest of blooms of a season. I have some tiny almost dried up violets that are putting out some of the tiniest blooms I have ever seen them make. I will surely leave those for the fairies. Just the right size for them.

  3. Yes, and the pollinators who are left will appreciate it too.~~Dee

  4. Ha, maybe that is why I have no fairies here.

  5. My blue morning glories finally set flower buds about a week ago. It is blooming every day.

  6. I will be leaving some strange flowers for the fairies this year, ones they will not be used to - Clematis Armandii (still thinks it's March) ; Roses (they still think it's June) and one stray Agapanthus, randomly blooming !!

  7. The fairies at my house should be happy, because I haven't had time to do much garden clean-up. I do hope they like brown blooms, though:)

  8. Okay, seems like a good idea whether it was a new saying or an old one. I shall indeed leave the last flowers for the fairies. Because by all means, I'd like my blooms to spread throughout the garden in years to come.


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