Oh, Those Camellias!

Oh, those camellias!

They lured me out in the wee dark hours of the morning with a flashlight in hand to check on their flower buds.

The buds are still there.

The weatherman says near record high temps this weekend.

The excitement builds.

Will these camellia buds open in the next few days?

I'll check them every little bit now and again and find out.

It's like waiting for Christmas!


Garden Fancy said…
You're so lucky you live in a zone where they will survive. I'm just across the line in 5B and bought the hardiest camellia I could find online (to 6A) and it didn't make it through the winter, despite my efforts to enrobe it in a protective layer of leaves. :-( I'm hoping they'll be able to make a hardier variety before too many more years, and until then I will enjoy seeing your flowers. Thanks for sharing! -Beth
Surely it will bloom this weekend. Or maybe it will wait until more seasonable weather starts. It is probably confused.
Dee Nash said…
Please let us know!~~Dee