Another week closer to spring

Camellia 'April Remembered'
Hang in there, Camellia!

You just got through another week of winter which means you are a week closer to spring.  It was a cold week, but I'm feeling pretty good about your chances of surviving it.

Your leaves look green and your buds actually look a little plumper than a few weeks ago.  We did get some snow and it got pretty cold there for awhile, but you still look good.

Hang in there, Camellia!

I'm hopeful and I will continue to believe in you and your chances of blooming. I've never faltered in my belief in you.

I have no other choice, having brought you to this cold climate.  But I did so only after doing some homework and then choosing you, the hardiest of the hardy, from all the others.

Hang in there, Camellia.

You are my hope for spring.


  1. I think it will make it. It looks quite happy after that awful freeze we had. That coat of snow must have kept her roots nice and toasty.

  2. You camellia is looking very healthy and green -- best wishes for those promising buds. -Beth

  3. Exactly how we feel looking out at the snow...

    While it hasn't been terribly cold this winter, right off one feels the limits of having to stay inside all the time.
    We feed the birds, I buy primulas to cheer us. We rearrange the dried flowers from last year!

    All to the good.


  4. I agree, I think he'll make it through, especially with the winter being so mild this year!


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