Enjoy the flowers

As soon as the weather warmed again, the crocuses returned.

And not just the crocuses.

The bees showed up, too.

They seemed almost frantic as the went from one flower to another, grabbing all the pollen they could.

And I'm sure I looked a bit frantic, too, as I went from flower to flower trying to take pictures of all of them.

Honestly, I looked like I had never seen a flower before.

But there were so many flowers, I soon gave up the notion of taking pictures of each of them, or even counting them. Instead, I just watched the bees and admired the blooms.

The bees knew exactly what to do.

I like to think in the spring, I, too, know exactly what to do in the garden.

I think I have a pretty good idea.

I need to weed out winter annuals.

And make sure I've ordered all the seeds for the garden.

I need to finish clearing off flower borders.

And I need to set up the patio furniture and uncover the big containers on the patio.

I need to make sure all is ready for the first sowing of peas and complete winter pruning.

But then I pause and remember that I don't need to do any of that, at least not on the first warm day of late winter when the crocuses are blooming.

On such a day, I really only need to do one thing.

Enjoy the flowers.

And that is what I did.


Lisa Greenbow said…
Isn't this the truth. I haven't seen any bees yet. I do have a few crocus finally blooming in the grass. It was such a nice surprise to see them open yesterday. We also had flies and mosquitoes. It did feel like spring. I have had to remind myself that it isn't really spring yet. It won't be as long as it has been though. One must enjoy the moment.
Kathy said…
Yes, enjoy the flowers!
RobinL said…
I know it was so much work planting all those Tommies in your lawn, but the rewards have surely been great. Imagine having a lawn full of flowers, in mid February!