Garden Fairies Report: Flower under pillow, flowers in your dreams

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we have decided to post on this blog on a Tuesday, which is quite unusual for us. Usually we post on Sundays because that's when Carol is most likely to "yield the keyboard" to us, so to speak.

Why on Tuesday?

Because we have decided to reveal yet another garden fairy truth and we didn't want to wait until next Sunday.

We are garden fairies. We decide. We do. We are creatures of action. Unless someone tells us we have to do something, then we are creatures of inaction.

Anyway, before we forget, we have decided to reveal...

How to Have Garden-Filled Dreams.

Only here will you find such information.

Here is what you do to have dreams filled with flowers and lovely gardens.  Find a pretty flower, one just opened is best, and place it under your pillow.  Then go to sleep with your head on that pillow.

Just as you start to dream, a garden fairy will visit you, check under your pillow to see what kind of flower you chose, and then fill your dreams with flowers and lovely gardens.

We are garden fairies. It is that simple.

Flower under pillow, flowers in your dreams.

You can repeat that.

Flower under pillow, flowers in your dreams.

And it just takes one little flower, not a whole bouquet.  In fact, don't try it with a full bouquet of flowers. You won't be able to handle such dreams.  Sweetpea MorningGlory heard of someone who did that.  She said she had never seen such garden dreams.

We are garden fairies. Trust us. Trust Sweetpea.

Flower under pillow, flowers in your dreams.

You're welcome.

Submitted by:

Viola Greenpea Maydreams, who is on Flower Dreams duty tonight.  (That's what we call it when it is your turn, as a garden fairy, to visit sleeping gardeners to check for flowers under their pillows.)

P.S.  We would like to thank Carol for allowing us to post this here. She is quite brave to yield the keyboard to us, as she does. Or she's just lazy and wants us to do her writing for her. Either way, we are nothing if not grateful.  Wonder what kind of flower she will put under her pillow tonight? Did we tell you about the time she put a... never mind. We promised not to tell that story.


  1. I will have to give this a try. If I don't have floriferous dreams I surely have had a big smile today. Thank you Garden Fairies.

  2. The hard part is finding a just-opened flower in February, when you really need help with flower-filled dreams.


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