Garden Fairies Notice Winds of Change

This isn't really Carol! (Library of Congress photo)
Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are taking over this blog once again while Carol sits and ruminates by the fire.

We do not profess to know of what she ruminates, and we are pretty sure this isn't even a picture of her, but it will have to do.

The winds were sure blowing yesterday. Once again, the theme is where was Carol? We are not sure where she was, but we were too busy to look for her.

When winds blow like that it is all we can do to keep all the flowers on their stems.

We did all right yesterday, though between the wind and the cold, the Star Magnolia blooms are done for the season.  But we did keep the blooms on these tulips.

Possibly Tulipa sylvestris
Carol loves these tulips because they don't really look like tulips. They almost look like daffodils without their trumpets, which we assume would be quiet daffodils, but then why is the color so loud? Or maybe she likes them because they look like lilies. And what is the name of these tulips?  Oh, that's a good question and if Carol ever remembers, I'm sure she'll post about it.

Anyway, we are garden fairies and we sure felt the wind yesterday. It's a sign you know. When the wind blows, it brings changes. And it gets rid of stuff, too, like electricity.

The way the wind was blowing yesterday, we garden fairies think there are some big changes blowing in. We aren't sure what changes, but we will be on high alert until we figure it out. There are signs.  See above about Carol ruminating.

In the meantime, Dandy Lionflower wanted us to post about how he has been keeping the dandelion flower stems short so when Carol mows, she doesn't mow off the flowers.
Dandy is quite proud of himself for this. He says dandelions are mis-judged, falsely accused, maligned and otherwise not appreciated for the value they bring to the garden. The dandelions are actually thinking about striking by not blooming until they are more appreciated.  But then they realized no one would notice them without their blooms.

At this time, we do want to apologize on behalf of Dandy and others for sowing seeds of dandelions in the flower beds and along the paths in the garden. We know the dandelions belong in the lawn.  We will henceforth be more careful.  Possibly.

Oh, who are we kidding. We are garden fairies and we make no apologies and we sow where we want to sow.

Submitted by:
Viola Greenpea Daydreams, Number One Sleuth of the Garden Fairies Who is Looking for Clues as to What Changes the Wind is Blowing In.


  1. It is good that you garden fairies keep Carol and her blooms under control. Every garden needs a keeper of the blooms.

  2. Eager to learn what changes are afoot.


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