A lifetime supply of plant labels

Whole lotta pink columbine
Dreams do come true.

Way back on Easter, as I was lowering the blinds on the back door, the string holding them together on one side broke.  Not wanting to have that particular door without blinds, I decided to move the blinds from the same size door in the sunroom to the back door until I had time to buy a replacement blind.

Then the string on the sunroom door blinds broke and I had no door blinds.

Looking at the two heaps of blinds on the kitchen table I realized that I now had something even better than door blinds.

I had a lifetime supply of plant labels.

Free plant labels! Free!
Yes, with my trusty tin snips, I can cut my door blinds up and have a lifetime supply of plant labels.

I tried them out this evening.  The pencil washes off the front side of the blinds, the part that faced inside, but seems to be permanent on the back side of the blinds.

I'm in business now!  The Vegetable Garden Cathedral is going to have the best labels a garden can have.

For free!

I'm thinking now I might also label other plants, too.

For free!

Or not.

It depends on if I can find the labels for the plants I can't remember the names of. Like my pretty pink columbine, pictured above.  Of course, I know it is a pretty pink columbine. Duh. I just don't know which variety. But is it all that important to know the variety?

Yes, it is important to know the variety if it is a plant someone gave me to trial, like this Clematis, the first clematis to bloom this spring.

Clematis 'Delightful Scent 'Sugar-Sweet™ Lilac PPA

I didn't remember the variety at first, but with a little help and prompting from a friend on Facebook, I figured it out. It's Clematis 'Delightful Scent 'Sugar-Sweet™ Lilac PPAF. It's got a great color and was the first clematis to bloom this spring.

I'm going to put my lifetime supply of plant labels to work and label this one, then see what other plants need labels around here.

After all, did I mention two door blinds broke and I now have a lifetime supply of plant labels?  For free!


I was going to do that very same thing and forgot. LOL!
johnvic8 said…
I've been using the same thing for over 15 years. When I moved to Charlotte, I brought a lot of plants with me and used the same labels with info written by a Sharpie "Permanent Marker." I learned a lesson: the writing faded outdoors over the winter. Now I write the info twice...once above ground and another to go underground. The latter one lasts.
Denise said…
Wow. Perhaps I will go to Home Depot and buy a small blind. I have tried many labels and they do not work. Plastic ones break and metal ones fade. And animals running through the garden make a mess of them and they end up on the wrong plants.
Garden Fancy said…
The best things are often free -- thanks for the good idea! -Beth
We turned old blinds into labels as well and they have been great, especially since you can make them any length and cut a point to push into the dirt.
joanna uk said…
Wish we had blinds - so I could cut them up into strips :-)
You probably know there are special waterproof label pens.