How to lure enchantment to your garden

Clematis integrifolia
Do you know what your garden sounds like?

You might think it sounds like birds singing and bees buzzing. And you might be right if your garden is ordinary and by ordinary, I mean lacking in enchantment.

But if your garden has that element of enchantment that many gardeners seek, it may sound like the soft ringing that can be heard if you listen intently to bell-shaped flowers.

If you listen intently to a bell-shaped flower and hear nothing, I can assure you that your garden is not enchanted and that is a sad state for any garden.

But if you listen and do hear the sounds these flowers make, congratulations.  Your garden is enchanted and you are now a lucky gardener.

And if you listen and discover enchantment in your garden, and I hope you do, remember it is fleeting and can disappear if you don't take care of it.

And now you want to know how to take care of enchantment once you have it in your garden, don't you?

I will tell you how to take care of enchantment once you have it in your garden.

The first thing you must do is what you must not do. You must not hide enchantment and keep quiet about it.  If you do that, enchantment will feel forgotten and unappreciated and it will slowly slip away. You might not notice enchantment is gone, though, until one day you'll go out into your garden and feel a bit bored and unsettled.

What you must do to keep enchantment in your garden is tell others about it, especially children.  You need to tell children how bell-shaped flowers make a lovely sound, and then lean in and listen for the sound.
Convallaria majalis
What else must you do? You must show children how to pick Lily of the Valley blooms (or similar scented, bell-shaped blooms for your climate) and present them to their mothers and grandmothers. Then they will always remember that they did so because Lily of the Valley blooms have the most wonderful scent, along with an enchanted sound, which will make the memory of picking them last forever.

I do hope your garden sounds enchanted and you are sharing its enchantment. If not, plant more bell-shaped flowers and see if you can lure in some enchantment.

I promise you'll enjoy the sounds these flowers make and you'll love the enchantment they bring.


Enchantment sounds great!
Lisa Greenbow said…
Just this morning I heard the Lily of the Valley bells ringing. Pink ones and white ones. The pink ones sounds a little deeper octave than the white ones that tinkle. So very enchanting.
Garden Fancy said…
I obviously need more bell-shaped flowers. I have some Lily of the Valley, but it hasn't done very well, which I've heard is unusual as that plant is supposedly somewhat aggressive. I wish I had more so I could have an enchanted garden too.... Thanks for the enchanting post! -Beth
Spuddle said…
Our Lily of the Valley is just beginning to come through so I shall be listening for those bells!
I read somewhere, Garden Fancy, that it can be temperamental plant and either becomes aggressive or refuses to grow at all. Ours is the first kind and I think I may come wish it wasn't!.
RobinL said…
I can't even think of a humorous reply for this charming post!
Pauline said…
Such a shame the Lily of the Valley isn't blooming yet, I would have loved to bring my mother some this Sunday. She will just have to wait a while!