Garlic! And the garden is looking good.

Part of my garlic harvest
We are now safe from vampires here at May Dreams Gardens, with plenty of garlic to keep them far, far away from here.

And what a fine day it was for digging the garlic and otherwise tending the vegetable garden. Clear blue skies, moderate temperatures... a day made for gardening.

I spent most of this fine day weeding in the vegetable garden, channeling Charles Dudley Warner as I pulled up that awful "pusley". It grows in all the raised beds and is probably at least 90 percent of the weeds in the veg garden.

After a full day of weeding, it's gone now. Or at least 90 percent of it is. I'm sure there will be more purslane tomorrow and the next day. I'll pull it all summer.  And no, I will not eat it. And yes, I know how healthy it is. But, I'm barely on speaking terms with it, it's so aggressive.

Anyway, once I had all the beds cleaned up and was rid of most of the "pusley", I sowed a second crop of green beans and a first crop of cilantro. Then I worked some organic fertilizer in around all the crops and watered the whole garden with the sprinkler.

It looks good and will look better tomorrow when I whack down the weeds in the paths, again, and add a fresh layer of mulch.

Of course it looks good and will look better tomorrow because yesterday, a garden writing friend saw it for the first time, in all its weedy glorious-ness.  She was kind not to notice the weeds even though there was a lot not to notice. But most gardeners understand weeds happen and it is nearly impossible to time visitors for when the weeds are all gone, which is usually "tomorrow".

It's going to look so good tomorrow, though, that I might even take some pictures to share with the world right here on this blog.


  1. I keep seeing rain clouds travel though IL, IN, OH, and I am so envious. We have not had rain here of more than a few drops in my area of SE MI all month. Watering the flowers by hand is getting old.

  2. Nothing like having visitors to throw you into weeding mode. Funny how we have a much more critical eye for our own garden when gardening friends come to visit.

  3. I find weeding is good therapy. I envy your garlic. I have not grown garlic in many years. I don't really have room for it, now.

  4. Sounds like a very good garden day was had ! Weeding may be hard work but it is very satisfying. Until the weeds grow back, in the blink of an eye!

  5. I find myself, like you, weeding when someone will be viewing my garden! I am growing cilantro and a few other kitchen herbs, but have never tried garlic. Guess I will put it on my to-do list for next year! Our Michigan summer is too short to start now!


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