Before you forget... I just ordered bulbs

Consider this a public service announcement, which I am only making because I've ordered my spring flowering, but you plant them in fall, bulbs.  Therefore, there is no risk that the bulbs I want will be out of stock if my public service announcement results in a mad rush to all the bulb sites to order bulbs.

Yes, that is my public service announcement. Now, right in the high time of the summertime, is a good time to order bulbs for spring flowers.

The bulb companies won't ship them until fall. They won't even charge your card until they ship them. Your order will just sit there in their system until some magical day in the fall.  On that magical day, they'll pull up your order, gather up all your bulbs and ship them to you.

It really will be magical when they arrive.

And it will be a surprise too, because by the time the bulbs arrive, you will have forgotten exactly what you ordered. You'll look at all those bulbs and wonder where you thought you were going to plant all of them. You'll wonder when you thought you were going to plant them.

It will be a wonder-fest of bulbs

May I suggest...

Plant them everywhere. Plant them in the fall.

I am.

I've bought more glory of the snow, Chionodoxa luciliae, for the lawn.

More Tulipa sylvestris for all kinds of places because they are one of my favorites.

And more Orienpet lilies, because I've recently been smitten by them.

I'll probably order more bulbs through the week. I need to go back and look at notes I made in the spring, examine pictures I took of the garden to see where there are holes, gaps, places crying out for bulbs.

And then in the fall, let the magic begin...


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