Waiting and watching for a perfect spot?

Are you waiting and watching for a perfect spot to plant in?

If you are, I regret to inform you, but feel it is my civic and gardenly duty to inform you, that the perfect spot is a myth, a holy grail that cannot be created, conjured, or composted into existence.

Yes, dear reader, you are quite right that we can come close to perfect soil by making sure to add plenty of compost, by correcting drainage problems, etc.

And for some plants, that may be just the thing to do.

However, for other plants, well, it doesn't take much to get some seeds to germinate and bloom, like this viola blooming in the tiny bit of soil between two pavers on the patio.

There's another purple viola blooming just a short distnce from this yellow one, also growing and blooming in the tiniest bit of soil.

And lest you just think it is just violas that bloom in the patio, I also found a petunia.

I have no idea who has been eating on the petunia, but I hope they stop doing so. It's hardly fair, after all, to pick on such a flower which hasn't picked the best growing place.

Why do I show you these pictures of flowers in the patio?  And by the way, I could also show you pictures of weeds growing in the patio, but that would make my garden look unkempt.  The little blooms in the patio just add to its charm.

I show you these patio blooms to remind you to stop fussing over soil. Just plant, sow seeds, give it a go and you may be surprised.

After all, sometimes that little sliver of dirt is all a seed needs.

There's a lesson in that, for life.  Don't wait for perfect conditions before you get started on whatever you've been holding back from doing, waiting for the perfect spot, the perfect opportunity.

Stop that waiting. Pick your spot, any spot, and germinate, grow, and flower.

You'll be happy you did.


  1. Wonderful advise and perfect examples. All I have in our patio cracks are weeds. Some years we have interesting plants pop up there. Fun to see them.

  2. Lovely advice, along the line of Bloom Where You Are Planted, yes? I always do admire plants that sneak into tiny spaces. Well, not the dandelions that like to come up between the boards and the fencing of my vegetable gardens where I cannot get to them. Grrrrr.

  3. Yesterday, I found the most unlikely spot in the downtown where I work with a volunteer petunia growing there. So pretty!

  4. ��������I adore this!


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