Echoes in the garden

Echo of color
See the echo of color in the garden?

The orange mums with yellow centers echo the colors in the sculpture behind them. If anyone asks I definitely planned for that to happen once the mums started to bloom.

Like any good gardener, I take credit for everything good in my garden. I do not take credit, however, for weeds. Nor do I take blame. Dr. Hortfreud and I have been discussing the whole weed thing.

See, I thought I'd have a relatively weed-free garden this season since I have more time to spend in the garden these days, presumably.  And though I thought I spent more time in the garden, the garden is as weedy as it has ever been.

I attribute the additional weeds to the abundance of rainfall this season. Dr. Hortfreud says it is because I haven't mulched properly for several seasons and though she isn't sure I spent that much more time in the garden, Dr. Hortfreud is certain I wasn't weeding when I was in the garden.

What, then, did I do in the garden all the time I was out there?

I really need to keep better notes. I mowed, I planted, I trimmed. I pruned. I harvested, I dreamed. I even mulched some paths a bit. I guess I just didn't weed.

But I plan to weed this fall. And mulch, too.

And look for more echoes.


RobinL said…
So many of my echoes are accidental, but lovely nonetheless!
I think it was the year of the weed. My poor garden has some new weeds that are quite difficult. UGH.. Mulch. Mulch is good. I usually mulch during spring. Not so this year. So the fall mulching is to be investigated.
MissPat said…
As I recall, the fairies commented several times this summer that you wre not keeping up with the weeds, but then there are so many more pleasurable things to do in the garden.
I had fewer weeds because we had hardly any rain this summer, but the plants hardly grew either. First light frost last night.