Garden fairies discuss someone's laziness.

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we have decided to post on Friday instead of our usual Sunday because Carol is lazy.  That's right. We said it. She's lazy.

She has barely lifted a finger to do garden clean up around here. Though, come to think of it, she has cleared off the beds in the Vegetable Garden Cathedral and put a nice layer of leaves and grass clippings on top of them.

We've been hearing rumors that she's going to tear apart the three compost bins that are full of rich, dark compost and put the compost on the beds, too.  Granny Gus McGarden, who is in charge of the Vegetable Garden Cathedral, is over the moon excited about the very prospect of it.

But as for the rest of us, we will believe it when we see the compost on those beds.  See above about "lazy".

In other news, we have heard rumblings that we garden fairies are being accused of being lazy because this has been a warm fall and some trees are still turning colors. To that we say, "Hey, if the weather's nice, why ruin a good thing?"  I think you all agree with us on that.

We do want to report that Carol has not actually been doing nothing around here. She planted 300 tulip bulbs! We are garden fairies and this is beyond exciting to us. She planted the bulbs at the end of all the veg garden beds. They should be blooming on Easter, if we garden fairies get our act together and time it just right. The package said "early" so we figure that's mid-April.

Plus, she planted some tulips in the front garden.

Oh, the tulips are going to be so pretty.

Then Carol planted 500 Glory of the Snow bulbs in the back lawn.  We garden fairies are just as excited about those flowers.  We are also just a little miffed that critters, and by critters we mean squirrels, have been digging up some of the bulbs in the lawn.  We know what you are thinking. No, we can't be chasing them away all of the time because we are garden fairies, not garden guards.

Carol needs to do something about it. We think she should sprinkle/spray some kind of deer/rabbit/critter repellent on the lawn. She says she is going to, but does she?  See above about "lazy".

Anyway, we are garden fairies. We do what we can. We change the colors of the leaves. We open blooms. We add sweetness to apples. We do all we can to make this garden as enjoyable and lovely as it can be.

Now it is up to Carol to do her part. It won't stay warm forever. We don't want to hear her complain about cleaning up the garden in the snow. She needs to get on with it.

Because, we are garden fairies.

Submitted by,
Violet GreenPea MayDreams, chief scribe and busiest garden fairy of all the garden fairies at May Dreams Gardens


  1. Love it. We got out first good frost last night so now I plan to be lazy too. If it didn't already get done, it can wait until spring.

  2. I get very lazy at this time of the year!

  3. Carol, tell those Garden Fairies that it is easy to get lax on garden chores when the weather is so pretty that all you want to do is sit back a look at the garden. This first frost should jar you out of your lethargy. Best get moving before the snow flies.

  4. Yes, it's easy to ignore the fact that she cleaned the veg garden and planted bulbs and instead rant about what she hasn't done yet. We all see what we want to see.


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