It was an amazing fall

It was an amazing fall.

One day the high temperature was 73º F and the next day the high temperature was just 43º F.  If ever one was looking for a sign that our amazing fall of 2016 was over, I suppose that 30º drop in high temperatures from one day to the next was it.

What made this fall amazing?

It seemed to go on and on with fairly moderate temperatures. Even now there are still leaves on the Fothergilla, still a few brave violas blooming here and there where they've begun to naturalize themselves, and the last of the autumn crocuses are still blooming.

These fall blooming crocuses are just as easy to plant as those that flower in the spring and deserve to be more widely planted.  Of course, I am assuming that spring flowering crocus are widely planted, but I don't think that's as true as it has been.  I think people today just don't plant bulbs like they used to. I have no basis for that statement. I just have a sense that the numbers of gardeners, like me, who plant hundreds of bulbs every fall is dwindling.

This fall, I planted bulbs for 300 tulips and 500 Chionodoxa (Glory of the Snow).  That sounds impressive but was easy to do.

For the tulips, I dug large holes on the ends of the vegetable garden beds and planted about 40 tulips in each hole. I also dug a similar large hole near the front walk and planted the rest of the tulips there. In the process, at least in front, I dug up bulbs for reticulated irises and crocuses (which I know are technically corms). I set those aside and replanted them on top of the tulips. There will be room for all.

I planted the Glory of the Snow bulbs in the back lawn. It's easier to do that you might think. I plunge a narrow bladed trowel (technically a rockery trowel) into the ground, pull it back, drop a bulb behind it, pull it out, pat the ground and move on. After the first one hundred bulbs, I develop a certain rhythm of motion and get faster until I am done. It took me about an hour.

I hope our amazing fall leads way to a picturesque, storybook winter, with occasional snow and moderate, for winter, temperatures.  Don't I deserve that? After all, I've done my part to ensure an amazing spring.

I planted bulbs.


  1. I planted some bulbs but I didn't plant 100s. I am looking forward to seeing them next spring too. I sure hope this winter isn't as bad as anticipated.

  2. It was amazing. Now the snow is falling - I have a feeling we are going to have more than they forecast here in the Southern Tier of upstate New York - we shall see.

  3. Glad you had a great Autumn. Ours was also good in the uk as it was much warmer than usual. Like you we are coping with a sudden drop in temperature now though - bit of a shock to the system and the plants!

  4. It was indeed an amazing fall. I'm always impressed by the number of bulbs you plant, Carol. I planted between 350-400 (I kept finding a few more bulbs I'd forgotten I bought). I plant many of those in crowded spaces between perennials or around shrubs, so I had to dig a lot of small holes. But I know it will all be worth it come spring!

  5. It was an amazing fall. I loved it. But after those 70 degree temps on Friday, I drove through sunshine, rain, snow, and sleet on Saturday along with some incredible winds. And yet, despite the below freezing temps this morning, the sky is a mix of beautiful blue and dark clouds. Just beautiful with the bare tree limbs.

  6. We had a record 73° temp on Friday and 6-12" of snow yesterday near Rochester NY. The snow depth varied so much because of the lake effect off Lake Ontario. Plus it was (and still is) very windy so the drifting makes it hard to measure. But it definitely was a very mild fall.

  7. It truly was an amazing fall! Funny, but my November post is quite similiar to this one! Guess us midwestern gardeners are all thinking alike this year.

  8. I am in a new garden, and have not yet planted bulbs - but I will. I must say the numbers of bulbs you plant is beyond amazing. I don't know that I have enough dry space, but some will come.

  9. Your fall blooming crocus are wonderful Carol. This has been an amazing fall with colors more vivid than I can remember in a long time and temperatures staying mild all the way through November here on Long Island. The rains are coming down heavy right now and then the temperatures will be dropping within the next few days. We got our first dusting of snow right before Thanksgiving...a taste of what is to come!


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