On the eve of February, some crocuses

On the eve of February, the first crocus buds poked up from the ground in the back lawn and looked around for signs of Spring.

I call these early buds the scouts. They appear first and presumably, if all is well, they will sound the all clear and then crocuses will begin to pop up throughout the back lawn.

Today, the crocus scouts found it chilly but not unreasonably so.  One can be fooled by warmer days in the middle of winter so I hope they tell the other flowers to wait a bit longer.

After all, February is yet to come and she has her 28 winter demons to exorcise before March brings spring.

Our winter has been relatively mild through the end of January, with just a few spells of cold and snow. One wonders if it is enough winter to count as winter or if the worst has been saved for February? After all, isn't there a minimum amount of winter we need to endure to really enjoy spring, to earn spring with all its fits and false starts?

And I don't think we've reached that minimum amount of winter yet. We are not down and out and sick of snow and begging for a let up in the weather. Far from it. Which makes me think, as many do, that February will bring its weather demons.

The wise gardener, therefore, keeps the hatches buttoned down and watches and waits with gloves, hats, boots, and coats at the ready for daily tromps through the garden to see how it is holding up under the grip of winter.

We will hold our breaths for the next four weeks while winter decides if it will become epic or quietly relinquish its grip and let spring take hold. I'm hoping for the latter, but know to be ready for the former.


  1. Sounds like a good plan...cautious yet hopeful!

  2. Your crocus coming up is a nice sign. Our winter has been pretty mild up until now with random snowfalls, and only one significant covering. Hope the groundhog predicts an early spring...but time can only tell!

  3. Well said. I keep wondering when Winter will slam down. January was 7 degrees above normal according to the weather people. I believe it. I wish we would have just a little more sunshine to go with this warmth. It seems that the clouds are winning the battle despite the warmth. Your little crocus scout is sweet. It is fun to see a little color in the garden. I have only crocus leaves up. It won't be long at this rate of warmth.

  4. I'm with you, and often say that winter is the price we pay to enjoy spring and summer. I hope we've already paid enough, but won't hold my breath.

  5. It's been a strange winter in upstate New York, to. Today our high was 42. In February? No crocuses yet, though.


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