Witchhazel for Wildflower Wednesday

Which witchhazel do you have?

Which hazel? Like the maid on the old television comedy Hazel?



That's what I asked. Which hazel?

The spring one.

Oh, the spring one.  Does she focus on spring cleaning?

No, she's a plant.

Oh, so not that Hazel?

No, witchhazel.

That's what I asked. Which hazel?

The plant one? What's she called?

Which hazel?

Are we asking about Hazel again?

No, we are talking about witchhazel.

I don't know. Which hazel?

Hamamelis vernalis.

Why didn't you say so.

I did, I said witchhazel.

Don't get me started again.

But do go enjoy the other posts for Wildflower Wednesday, hosted by Gail at Clay and Limestone.


Gail said…
I have this witchhazel and wish I had Hazel the housekeeper, too. So glad you joined this month, the laugh was good and the tree is fabulous.
Carol...you made me laugh! Love Witch Hazel for winter blooms and wouldn't mind having Hazel here too!
The Witches are Hazeling here too.
Dee said…
That was pretty darn funny Carol. Hazel indeed.~~Dee