One, two, plant a shoe

Finally after over 20 years of wearing them around the garden, I've officially retired from active service a pair of my garden clogs.

Though retired, I'm sure the clogs did not want to be thrown unceremoniously into the rubbish bin or be tossed without fanfare to a corner of the garage, never to be seen again.

Like anyone or anything in retirement, these clogs begged to have a new life, to serve in some other way other than as protection for my feet.

So I planted them up with violas and sweet alyssum. Perfect for spring. Then when it gets hot around here, (which hopefully won't be next week, but who knows it might be next week with this unpredictable spring we are having) I think I'll re-plant them with some succulents, maybe hang them on the fence.

These are special garden clogs, my first pair. My mom got them for me maybe 22 or 23 or more years ago. She probably thought I was nuts for asking for them, but she got them for me anyway. She was nice that way.

Now I have four pairs of these garden clogs, including this planted pair.

I will soon have five pairs because I ordered a replacement pair which should be here any day now. It's a good thing, too, because I like to have a pair of these clogs at every door to the outside and the door to the garage. It makes it easier to run out to the garden for just a minute or two, which we all know means at least 30 minutes if something catches our attention while we are out there.

Today I was out for a bit planting up these clogs and taking pictures of some of my gardening tools for a presentation I'm giving on Saturday.

That's right. A group of master gardeners have asked me to talk about gardening tools. Tools beyond the hoe. Truly. I'm excited. Me and my hoes, and other gardening tools, going on the road. It should be a lot of fun.

I might even wear my new garden clogs, if they arrive in time.

(Oh, and did you notice I changed up the look of my blog? Hard not to notice. I'm still working on the sidebar, cleaning it up, and I'll be adding some new pages. Let me know what you think.)


  1. I thought I was at the wrong place. Looking forward to seeing all the changes to your blog.
    Can't believe you had clogs that lasted for so long. I think my oldest was only 10years. I guess they don't make them like they used to. They will look nice tacked up on your fence with succulents in them.
    Sounds like you are quite busy. This is a good thing. Carry on...

  2. Looking forward to the changes. I have had boots in my garden as planters. Never thought to use old garden clogs. I threw my old ones away last Fall.

  3. Well, I only have one pair of garden clogs, and I've been wearing them for fifteen years or more, so does that mean I have a long wait before I have some to plant? By the way, just bought your book, can't wait to enjoy it.


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