Perpetual Spring

Windflowers bloom as irises fade
"Hurry or you'll miss it!"

How does that sound for a rallying call for spring?

New flowers are coming up just as other blooms are fading and I'm running around trying to take it all in, begging Mother Nature and all the garden fairies to slow it down a bit.

Then I pause and remember I am planning and planting my garden to provide a perpetual spring and if I miss a bloom there will soon be another new bloom to take its place.

I remind myself there should always be new blooms in my garden. In February when the witchhazels bloom. In March when crocuses and reticulated irises provide a prelude to windflowers and the first dandelions. In April when the crabapples and early lilacs bloom.  Even in September when the asters bloom.

Spring continues every month in my garden.

Sir Francis Bacon called the seasonal parade of new blooms ver perpetuum, perpetual spring.  I learned of it through the southern garden writer Elizabeth Lawrence who quoted Canon Ellacombe's words about it from his book "In a Gloucestershire Garden". Canon Ellacombe in turn quoted Sir Francis Bacon.

My new rallying call for spring should be "It's Spring's turn"!

I'll still run around and try to see every new bloom, but perhaps at a more leisurely pace knowing that when one bloom fades, another flower will come along to take its place. I have planted for a perpetual spring in my garden.


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  1. Someone grabbed spring away from us in upstate New York and replaced it with winter. Hey! Give it back!

  2. Perpetual spring was interrupted today--my few spring blooms are covered in snow this morning! I knew I should have taken photos for Bloom Day yesterday while the sun was shining:)

  3. You are getting lovely feelings because it is spring, while we are going into unpleasant feelings because we already started the dry-hot season. first time to read the world "windflowers", and in your post.


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