Potted and Pruned

"Potted and Pruned"
It's here!

Potted and Pruned: Living a Gardening Life is now available for purchase on Amazon.

There's a paperback version and for those who prefer, a hardback  edition.  Soon there will be a Kindle version.

What's in between the covers?

My personal selection of 36 essays and letters from May Dreams Gardens, "potted up and pruned" for the book.  Long-time readers may recognize some of the essays which appeared here sometime over the last 12 years.

Why put these essays in a book?  I read long ago that curators at the Library of Congress, or maybe it was the Smithsonian, found it most difficult and problematic to preserve anything that only existed in a digital form.

They noted they would much rather keep something in a paper format. Paper can be preserved more easily. Paper requires no software to be able to read it. Paper is there for anyone who has it in their hands.

Of course, I don't expect my book to end up in either place, but I like the idea that someday a gardener might walk into a bookstore and find an old copy of my book, just as I've found old gardening books filled with stories and essays that capture a gardener's imagination, take her  back to another time, give her a different perspective on gardening.

Over the next couple of days, I suspect the garden fairies, Dr. Hortfreud, and maybe even the missing Hortense Hoelove and the Old Woman at the Door, will weigh in on the book. We'll see what they have to say!

Doesn't it look nice with all the other books?

The very first look at it.


I am so happy to see this. It looks beautiful sitting there on your shelf. I want one. Would you rather we order from Amazon or from you??
Fran Colley said…
I feel so honored you've joined our little garden club. I've only just found your blog and learnt about your book and awards! Thank goodness the excellent Wendy Ford posted about you on FB 🌸
danger garden said…
How very exciting! Congratulations... may this just be the first of many.
Covegirl said…
I'm sure you are so excited. Congrats!
Scott said…
Congratulations...keep up the awesome work!